Deathwish holiday deck a deathwish story what are your thoughts?

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Check it out


  • u forgot the photo
  • Tried to put it up not sure how
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    If you know how could you put the pic up thx
  • I think deathwish, baker, dgk, etc... are lame and market skating to be violent and disrespectful. Maybe I am just getting too old.
  • lol im fine with it but not a fan of peeps like dgk who promote drug use
  • Pretty gnarly
  • if blood and gore pisses someone off they havent played enough mortal kombat or enough fighting games in general
  • I'm with bill don't mind blood gore just hate the drug graphics
  • I don't mind, just sayin it's a pretty gnarly graphic.

    "Blood,bullets snot. Being crushed and the dagger thru. It's that death gore dismemberment type of go for type of thing kids really want. After all that's what skateboarding is all about".
  • Yeh it doesn't bother me either, but it reminds me of the early World Industries days.........the drug graphics on any board or shirt are super lame, and have been done to death.
    I loved the 101 deck graphics the most in that time.
  • Not my cup of tea, but more power to them if they have a market to sell it to. Shock sells.Honestly, I lean more towards the Chris Pastras Gossamer type stuff. I am old.
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