Wouldn't It Be Nice If...

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Let's open this up for some ideas relevant to skating that would be cool ( in your eyes ).

Wouldn't it be nice if...
1) George and Stacy would reach out and try to mend fences with Frankie Hill.
2) Ray Barbee got a reissue.
3) Tommy G reissue dagger and flames w/ kicknose
4) Ray Underhill tribute deck.


  • Cab Chinese Dragon with double kick and k15 concave.

    I would also like to see the Jessee Martinez tribute shape and Cabs current pro shape stay in production.
  • Ditto on all of SK8ER suggestions.
  • frankie hill is on good terms with powell
    ray barbee already had a few re-issues u missed out
    doesnt apply to me
    they did a special deck for his medical bills
  • I did not know that about Powell and Frankie Hill. Good for both of them!
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    yep they hung out about 2-3 years ago and talked about stuff
  • Hey Bill, for those of us who are just getting back into skating, could you tell us what past team members have had reissue / tribute boards? I can't seem to find a decent list anywhere on the intermess. Thanks ahead of time!
  • Outside of what is presently available, I've seen these over the years:
    Barbee Ragdoll
    Barbee Death Ragdoll
    Hill Bulldog
    Underhill Necklace (first one)
    Jay Smith pig
    Ollie pig
    Cab Bearing
    Cab Mechanical Dragon
    McGill Fighter Jet
    Vallely Elephant
    Vallely Reject
    Skull and Sword Gee Gaw
    Ripper Gee Gaw
    Vato Pig
    Wellinder Street

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    mike v,mike mcgill,ray barbee,ray underhill,jay smith,jesse martinez,steve steadham,kevin harris,ray rodriguez,frankie hill,alan gelfand,lance mountain,per welinder,stacy peralta and of course the current bb decks this is all from the last 10 years they were all usually just different colorways
  • Thanks guys! "This helps a ton!
  • i also got photos of the catalogs if u want to check them out
  • Heck yeah! I would love to have those pics. You da man!
  • give me ur email and ill send them over
  • Got it all Brigade Bill. Thanks again!
  • dgk is doing a barbee ragdoll deck
  • Popscicle?
  • no clue it's in the new dgk catalog online i havent looked
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