Since I'm new to the forum can someone please let me know what 80's era re-issues have come out prior to Fall of 07. I really want a FP Mountain and Gurrero Dagger! Thanks


  • there has been ALOT alan gelfand,mcgill,kevin harris,mike v,mountain,barbee, and probably some others
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    OK......... HERE IT GOES: the mountain fp was a limited run.. probably wont see those again sad to say. if you really want one now you can get em on ebay. i got mine for just a little over a hunded bucks a year ago... now they are up to $350.00. the gurrero has never be re-issued. once again.. ebay. anywhere from $250.00 to $800.00 depending on condition and colorway for that board,unless... you want the first edition minus the flames.. then get ready to have a least a grand on hand for a mint one if you can find it. also. just so you understand the re-issue process..goes something lke this... 1) a previous graphic has to be signed off on by that same rider and george powell...then it becomes a "powell classic" 2) if it is to bear the full "powell peralta' name.. it must be signed off on by stacy peralta. all parties must agree in order for the board to be made. and finally 3) if you see something you like. and you really want it.. BUY IT NOW!! in fact buy 2. because you may never see it again. (jesse feel free to correct any of my errors.) =)
  • Thanks for the info guys!
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    no prob. thanx for the comment on the mcgill petition. im really tryin to get that board made.
  • Nick i have nothing to correct. you said it better than i could have. nice work.

    yea we have had so many reissues its hard to remember all of them.
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