I Am Building My Own Redneck Skatepark...

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I have a warehouse that I office out of. The parking lot is essentially empty and has little traffic. So, being the skate rat I am, I decided to build some stuff to skate since I spend 10 - 12 hours a day at work. I ride my board back and forth between my warehouse and factory ( about a block away from each other ). I built a plywood incline thing ( two 4' x 8' x 3/4" plywood sheets on a modified A - frame that I laid down ), 3" tall 1/4 pipe ( needs to be much wider ) with metal coping, a little kick ramp and a 2' tall launch ramp. I felt like I needed some parking blocks ( I love board slides and grinding curbs ), so I found a place within two miles of my little factory that makes them. They are only $ 25.00 for a 7' long block! I bought 2 ( what a bargain )!. Glued them down ( so some little skate rats can't make off with them ) and waxed them up today. I kinda got my own little redneck skatepark going here. Next, I need to build an 12' wide x 3' tall quarter pipe. It would be so sweet to be able to practice lip tricks at work before I go to the skatepark. I have the 1/4 pipe, kick ramp and launch ramp on wheels, so I just roll them into my warehouse when the weather is bad or at the end of the day. The embankment thing is so damn heavy you would need a forktruck to steal it, so it stays outside. I will see if I can't take some pics and post them.


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