New Ray Bones

Are the specs correct for the new ray bones board where it says it it 8.75 wide?? It used to be 8.375" I think. Just wondering if that new size is a mistake or not. Thanks


  • not a mistake. the catalog measurements are wrong.. the correct measuremensts are the current ones online in the description.
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    "insert wrong math here"
  • the deck is as nick stated, 8.75 with a 15" wheel base which a lot of people are psyched on. Ray wanted to try another shape and we sent him the new one and he liked it after the catalog was made but before the deck was. sorry for the typo in the catalog
  • Awesome that it's bigger. I'm thinking of picking this one up now to ride.

    Sad that some don't know math. 8 3/4" equals 8.75," not 8.375. 8.375 isn't even 8.5.

    just sayin'...
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    well my bad :P dont shoot me and i know 8 3/4 is 8.75 but oh well
  • "I'm thinking of picking this one up now to ride."

    yea im gonna try to get one tomorrow
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