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I contacted Mini Logo yesterday and asked if they would possibly be introducing any larger decks or different shaped decks to their line up any time soon. I got this response:

'New shapes, size and a new concave will be added for 2014....I could see going 9"...'

That is awesome. Have always been put off by the fact all the ML decks are all popsicles. Hopefully they might produce a board the a similar size and shape the Graffiti Ripper board was.


  • Well, if he told you that then I'll guess it's ok to say some of what I know.

    There are some new popsicles shapes coming. That 8.5" w/ a smaller wheelbase and new concave we've been asking about for years is gunna be happening. Guys have already been testing them. I dunno what i'm supposed to or not supposed to openly say, but also know that the new concave on the shape is NOT the K-12, Ki11, or K-15 - it's a whole new concave for a shorter wheelbase on a wide board. New wheels too. I'm testing them now. : )
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    Does that mean no 15" wheel bases? I was hoping for a 9x33 or 33.5. Sounds like they are having similar to the Powell fun shapes.
  • Not sure on the longer end. I only know there is a new concave for the shorter wheelbase decks. As the K-15 does not work so well with WB under 15". (the nose and tail rockers have a huge gap between the boles holes and where the bends are when you have a wheelbase under 15" on K-15 decks, same issues with the fun shapes, and others that use it)
  • There are and has been Powell Peralta decks that are a 8.75- 9x33.5 type decks w/ a 15" wb. Look for the 9" Graffiti Ripper and the Ray Bones 8.75. the Jess Martinez Ltd. edition deck too. You can still prob find those decks around places liek eBay from last years releases.
  • Yeah, I would like the option of a blank with the graffiti ripper shape. I loved that square tail. I dont like that Powell didnt retain that shape, it was like an XL fun shape!
  • Yeah, I hear ya. That shape was a good bowl riders shape to have in there. But the problem was, like most Powell decks - they don't sell. Regardless of what us Skate One nerds say. If a deck disappears from the seasonal releases it's because they weren't selling. It's funny how many decks that they discontinue that people nwo all of a sudden want, but when they were available nobody bought. : )
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    Like the Cab Hot Rod boards. Those decks were a bowl and vert riders perfect board. But, sadly, nobody was buying them, so out they went.
  • Yeah all the Powell fan boys out there are going to like different shapes etc from each other. I get why they phase them out, just sux when you are one of the few. My thing is width and wheelbase. And then it has to have a functional nose, not like the lame spoon nose boards. I remember when they started bringing out full size noses. My first was a Hawk Medallion. That was my favorite board by far back then, it just opened up so many more options with that huge nose.
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    I really hope they release Mini Logo versions of these new deck shapes coming in 2014. Been waiting years! =)
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