Tony Hawk Pictograph

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Has anyone skated a Hawk Pictograph deck? They have a terrible graphic for a nos PP deck but look like they could have been fun to skate.


  • I had one back in the late 90s, strange deck to be honest. It was pretty heavy, as I used it for street.  
  • Give it a go they're under $100 NOS and I consider them a more practical design then the Barnyard having a longer nose.  And you're just skating it for the nostalgia anyway
  • After you have tried it out and gotten tired of the shape, you can then trace your favorite deck shape onto it and cut it into something useful.
  • I have one, never rode it though.
    I know its not the most popular model of Hawk, however I would imagine due its size it would be great to ride vert with.
  • Dr Freedom,  does it have double drilled truck holes at each end? How long is the wheel base if you have the trucks bolted on to give max wheel base? What is the shortest tail/ nose this board has?
  • This is the post where I got the idea from to shape a pictograph hawk. Thanks for the great idea cother2!
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