Let's Try To Get Indy To Make A Lance Mountain Signature Truck.

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As a lark, I posted on the Indy FB page that they should make a Lance Mountain Signature Model. Blue anodized  hanger and base with yellow doughboys cruising across the hanger. How sweet would that be. Anyway, it is on their FB page. If you think it would be cool, chime in on my comment. It is under my real name, Dale Schultz.


  • That sounds awesome!  He deserves one.

    But remember the shirt he made years back- "Paint Walls, Not Trucks". 

    I'm cool with anos, though.

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    BTW, you are not the only Dale Schultz on FB.   Maybe post a link?
    Oh, I found you/it.  I had to dig around. 
  • I am not the only Dale Schultz! Son of a bitch! ;)
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    I'm still surprised there hasn't been a Cab truck. Cab skates 149 standard Indy's w/ Bones bushings, so I guess it makes sense not too give him one as a stock silver standard 149 w/ Bones Medium bushings is all ya need anyways.
  • You could pimp a Cab model out with silver base and red hanger with his Chinese dragon snaking side to side.
  • I'm curious to see the Blackhart Indys.

  • Indy make some pro models that are a joke.  Everyone wants a Mountain or Cab model, but indy makes a Guzman?  Who wants an Eman Guzman Indy?
  • Eman Guzman! ;) Sorry, I couldn't stand it.
  • The kids want 'em.  Duh!

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