4th colorway?

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Anybody heard anything on the 4th, and last, bones brigade colors? Rumors, colors, release date?

I know there was talk about them being "special", but they seem to be taking their time on this one.


  • I think it would be cool if they were to release the brigades first graphics for the last round.  Or gave us the choice of which graphic we wanted.
  • I've made it pretty clear that I want a black lmfp.....but I would love to see choices.  I still think they are going to all be "color faded" like the BB posters, starting with one color and fading to others....and they will all be the same.  Either way I wonder why it's taking so long for the last go around.
  • I would guess they have made far to many of the first three and are trying to clear out the stock. 2500 of each color was a touch optimistic really. Not really a special limited edition at that number.
  • Yea, I'm still of the belief that they simply miscalculated the demand for these flat, generally non-functional shapes.  I, like many people, felt that had they gone with the Chin era shapes they would have sold a lot more. 
  • Definitely. I have to believe the reason they chose these early models is they are easier to make - the basic pig shape they have been pumping out for years. A bit of a missed opportunity for them really, the hype has long since played out now. Still hoping for a kick nose snakeskin in the near future! Can always dream....
  • Modding any of the Bones Brigade shapes with modern concaves and kicknose would be a homerun. I do disagree that the flate decks are " non - functional." They worked just fine for me back in the day. The only thing that is harder are ollie based tricks. If that is not your cup of tea, these decks work just fine.
  • Releases of the first graphic would be cool!!
  • I think it's going to be awhile before we see the final colorways. You can still find plenty of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd colorways. I wonder if this BB reissue series is what's hurting skateone financially?
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    Could be. Part of the problem definitely has been not reissuing the boards the fans really want. Not many people are hanging out for any pig shapes, they have been out for years. People want the bottle noses, kick noses etc. You read it over and over in forums. And the graphics with the backgrounds, snakeskins, iron cross etc. If they were to keep their ear to the ground and give the fans what they really wanted in regards to reissues they will sell out easily.

    I also agree with Castpolymer, modding these old boards into full sized functional boards would sell like crazy. Like issuing Cabs current shape with his old graphics, like Cab himself has put on his boards, would sell easy. Instead we get Cabs modern shapes with his artwork on it. No offense to Cab, its his artwork and his board, but Powell fans love the classic graphics, not his artwork.
  • I guess it would depend on the sales numbers, plus the rider commission. I mean 100 is a lot for, what many are viewing as, wall hangers. I mean, like most people, I was hoping for the "chin era" shapes and graphics. I think that most people are going to get the deck they had back in the day, I would be willing to bet that the sales percentages between the decks is about the same as they were in the 80s. Hawk over Mountain over Cab, or whatever.

    I originally wanted to recreate one of my old setups, but even though the lmfp is the shape I want, it's too flat. I would have been happier with the 7p concave. But more than that, had they been the chin era shapes and graphics I would have been more inclined to buy at least one of each.

    Either way I'm stoked we got something, I don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, and I'm excited for the final colorway (please be black for the lmfp).
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    Modding any of the Bones Brigade shapes with modern concaves and kicknose would be a homerun. - CASTPOLYMER 

    Actually a while back Cab was skating a contest on a deck that was the Cab Hotrod Shape but had the Bats and Dragon Graphic. I bet if they sold that it would sell by the ton, or that Cab Mini complete that has the OG Cab Dragon Graphic on a shape with a good nose and concave. If they made that in a real size that would move too. George needs to wake up and give the fans what they want, and more Pigs are not it. *cough* Ban This Cab on it's correct Shape  *cough* McGill Snakeskin *cough* Hawk Bottlenose
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    Cab has had so many of the Hot Rod pool shape decks w/ all his older graphics pressed on them. He's Cab, he get's whatever he likes, he deserves it. : ) But, he shares them too. Scott Foss has had alot of the one off Hot Rod Cab shaped decks w/ other Cab graphics. The Skate One transfers are squeegied onto mylar in the shapes of the decks they are going on, so when Cab has say a Cab Street Bats etc on his Hot Rod the shape doesn't match up and the deck is showing bare wood at the nose and tail because the heat transfer is a 1:1 of the shape it's supposed to go on w/ barely any overhang, so putting it on other shapes doesn't work out so well. He does sticker jobs to kinda mask that, but we all know what he's riding. : ) You would also see this w/ other Powell guys too. Hoffart and Bartie had their 8" graphics pressed onto 8.5" shorter wheelbase custom decks. Those guys weren't skating the shape 181 and K15 concave w/ the 15" wb that's for sure. (look around the edges f their popsicles on pics from the last 2 years and you will see the spaces). Kilian has had some one off modern freestyle decks w/ other transfers as well. Frankie Hill bulldog, Vallely Elephant etc.

    That Hot Rod pool shape is the best bowl/pool/vert board I've ever had. The shape is like cheating it just holds you in there! It's a shame it was discontinued. Rumor was they were gunna put them out last summer again but w/ new graphics, but that never happened. Alot been going on over at the Powell Peralta camp so once things kinda slow down we will prob see it or suttin like it again in some graphical form. New shaped decks are coming, bigger modern stuff. New wheels too. Shhhhh...Be patient. : )
  • Nice, getting me excited for the future. Been bummed on all the same old same old. Last time I was excited about seeing new items drop it was before the BB reissues, and needless to say, they were a bit disappointing
  • was the Cab "Hot Rod" deck the same shape as the 2011 Tree Trimmer shape?
  • No, it was the same shape as the Cab Stencil deck. A little shorter and narrower than the Hot Rod deck.
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    The Hot Rod deck has only ever been released as the Red Hot Rod and Blue Hot Rod. 
    The holiday deck and the Cab Stencil deck were the pre-cursor to it. A little smaller and not as "worked out".
    More experimental. The Cab Hot Rod is a flawless shape for bowl skating. That's why Cab's been riding it since it came out a while ago. He can have anything, but he still rocks that shape he perfected. 
    He skates 149 Indy's on his w/ 60mm Powell Peralta wheels.
    I had 149's on mine too after he told me he used them in an email, w/ the contours it just makes sense.
    Then when the 159's came out I got those and liked them on it too, they were a little more balanced for me and my smaller wheels. I've never had another Powell deck that I liked the K15 on as much as the Cab Hot Rod. 
    Prob the 15.5" wheelbase.
    On anything shorter than a 15" wheelbase the K15 just feels off.
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    my bad i didnt read all the way thru so disregard
  • Definitely green..doesn't someone have all the catalogs?
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    JOHNOPHEAN, is this the Cab Hot Rod Deck you are referring to? I didn't think so, but I figured I would ask.

  • This is the Cab Hot Rod deck I assume he is referring to:

  • And this one:

  • He was correct is saying these were released in blue and red.
  • Thanks guys! I love the shape and the graphics.
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    i have a shitload of the catalogs but those images are the only hot rod decks i got a bit confused since there is the cab hot rods and the hot rods flame decks
  • Yea I was thinking of the flame decks as well
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