My Homebrew Modern / Classic Lance Mountain Future Primitive Deck

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This deck is for my own personal use and not for sale. All the logos, names other legal type stuff are the property of all the usual subjects. Since PP or Flip does not make this deck, I decided to make it myself. I used a 10.5" x 35" blank from Skatepaige with a 15" wheelbase to start. Got a pic of the LM Future Primitive deck and it's measurements. traced out the design and then cut it out with a jigsaw. Did fine shaping / sanding with a random orbital and 80 grit / 220 grit sandpaper. Primed with white lacquer and then painted with vintage Fender Daphne Blue nitro lacquer from Guitar Re- Ranch in Texas. Sealed with a proprietary clear coat of my own that provides superior scratch resistance and is non - porous. Graphic were printed on clear label stickers ( they are really more opaque ) with a inkjet printer and sealed with a fine mist of clear lacquer. Final dimensions are as follows:
Width: 10" at widest point
Length: 32"
Wheelbase: 15:
Tail: 7"
Nose: 6"

Setup with Indy 169's, 1/8" risers, PP 58mm / 90a wheels and Rail Bones. Here is the link with some pics:


  • Looks good. I've been skating mine, feels much better now that I put thinner risers on it. After the holidays I'm going to cut my other two, a direct trace of my lm crest and a hybrid lmfp with a hieroglyphics nose.
  • Nice! It is nice be able to take the parts of certain decks and incorporate them into a deck suited just for your tastes.
  • Great job dude! Nice touch w/ the Guitar Re-Ranch Daphne Blue. : ) Re-Ranch has the best paints!
  • I skated the hell out of the LM today. Four hours at the skate park and I am worn out. ReRench rules! I have a can of Shell Pink just waiting to be used on my next deck.
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    U gotta post yer custom guitars and custom decks now! : )
  • I have a Thinline Telecaster body in Surf Green I am working on. I will take a pic and post it.
  • Nice I love Surf green and Seafoam green! 
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