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Skateone recently started selling heel bones, nose bones, jaw bones, rib bones. I know the rib bones are reissues, but are the rest NOS stock that they found in the warehouse, or are they reissues? I find it strange that they would reissue heel bones and not tail bones. Who needs a heel bone? I would also like to see more colors in the rib bones, that new green is ugly.


  • I agree about the new green rib bones, they are nasty! Pig make a good selection of colored rails but I would prefer to buy Powell just as  a preference. Hopefully PP produce some more colors for us all to use!
  • They've gotta be NOS, it doesn't surprise me that they'd have a shit ton of heel bones left over, as I'm pretty sure nobody bought em back when. Wish the new rib bones were more like the old ones were shape wise.
  • Yea, I bought some "new" rails, but don't like the shape or feel of them.  The originals with the "curl under" were so much better.
  • They get really gnarly jagged slivers on em too
  • Yep, watch ya fingers when grabbing those new Powell rails. If they're even a little scuffed they slice em pretty easy
  • I have quite a few sets of the new PP rails. I have boardslided ( is that a word? ) the heck out of them and they are just fine. Screws not loose, smooth as butter to slide on and bend nicely to the shape of the deck. No complaints from this guy except I wish they were just a bit taller to compensate for the concaves on the newer decks.
  • On a related note...NOS plastics have really dried up on ebay.  I've been trying to get some Rib Bones for 3 months now, and can't get anything close to what I need.  

    The new one's (which I believe are really Gorilla Bones reissues, not Rib Bones) are fine, but the colors suck for what I want - building complete display boards.  (I generally don't ride rails...)
  • There's blue, black and white ones for sale on Ebay from Canada. I saw them for sale last week. The original ones. Start out at 20.00 but usually sell for close to 40.00
  • Yeah, he's the only guy that has them it seems.  They go for $40 and he tacks on $10 for shipping.  I believe it's the Skull Skates dude.
  • Hi Guys,

    I have some NOS plastics if anyone is really in need of them (see below) They are mainly from the East Gutierrez factory.

    Full set of RED (rib bones, tail bone 8.75 and nose bone)

    Full set of WHITE (rib bones, tail bone 8.75 and nose bone)

    Part set of BLUE (rib bones & nose bone)

    You can contact me if you are interested: mark.hayter@glass.co.uk



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    i have original gorilla ribs. they are MUCH WIDER than the new re-issues. twice as wide.

    and yes..what the hell were they thinking with that green?  ugly. period. sorry…but it just is.
  • If the Jaw Bones are a new production (doubt it) PLEASE make them in black!
  • I've been trying to track down black pp plastics at a decent price for ages..not too many around, especially nose and jaw bones
  • Yeah I got 2 of the last Black Jawbones that Old School Skates had and they disintegrated almost right out of the package. 
  • diggles44 is selling Mini-Ribs for $20 shipped on ebay right now.  Pink, blue, black, and green available.

    I just spent $100 I didn't have on 5 sets - on the one hand it's crazy, on the other I've been shopping for a pair for 6 months now, losing auctions where one pair goes for $40...
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    Good find dude..postage kills me from australia though...each set would cost about $45. Oh well, all the more to divide amongst americans
  • The Rib Bones are all new issues, new production.

    The Nose Bones, Jaw Bones, and Heel Bones are all NOS.  I just added some green and pink Nose Bones to stock.  Once in a while I find some NOS when cleaning and arranging the Archives.  When I find enough stock, and get GAP's ok with it, I will open it up to the public.  A lot of the old plastics are too far gone, but the ones I can clean up are added to the site. 
  • Why haven't the old rib bones been produced, is the mold long gone? The new ones are, uncomfortable, I guess would be the word. Just wondering why the mold was changed from something that worked so well.
  • The Thin Ribs in orange should be the only rail that is different material and shape.  we tried to keep the same shape for the Black, White and Green as the originals. I will have to pull my old rails out to compare now.
  • Maybe I am confused, I am working on 20 plus year old memories. I just bought some black rails, they are much more square and edged than I remember. I remember them being rounded back in the day.
  • I think you are thinking of rib bones with the double radius-ed edges - the rounded edges. The original PP rails were Gorilla Ribs which were the square cut rails like the current reissues.

    The difference between the gorilla ribs and the current reissues is in the width of the rail - not the height. The width is almost 50% less than the originals.

    I know people have said the reissues get jagged edges after sliding and can cut, or scuff up your hands when you grab them. I wonder of this is the reason they originally went from Gorilla ribs (square cuts) to the rib bones with the nice smooth rounded edges. Would definitely  require more work to produce the rounded edges but they are a superior product.
  • The first rails even before the gorilla ribs were as narrow as the reissues.
  • What were they called?
  • Don't know, I've seen them on all original gelfands, jay smiths, and brite lites. Mainly Powell decks from the late 70's.
  • Thats my new thing learnt for the day! I imagine they widened it, then rounded the edges for performance reasons. Would be awesome to get the rib bones back, the best rails.
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