Old School Plastics



  • Yea, the ones with the rounded edges. Those were the best back when I used rails. Which has been a long time. I don't remember the squared rails. now that I'm mainly skating curbs and what not, I went back to rails but would love the older, rounded ones.
  • Sadly most things are.
  • Yes sir it's not the 80s no more
  • Bump.  Because with the new reissues coming, it seems like a nice time to ask again for the original double radius Rib Bones to make a return.
  • Sure thing rex. i wonder if anyone's going to buy a hawk, a pink nose bone, pink jaw bone, pink rib bones, pink short ribs, pink tail bone, pink copers and pink lapper for their yellow tracker ultralites, pad up, and pull up there white socks while wearing pink helmet, pink shorts and pink tshirt lol
  • From what Ive heard, those Hawks will move faster than a whore chasing a $100 note flying in the wind
  • Obviously they would like to use that hundred to get a hawk in their grubby little hands before they sell out! then they would ebay it to buy some sunshine in a bag lol
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