Red and Yellow Rat Bones Please!

edited January 2014 in Powell-Peralta®
Bones gets all the colors? Couldn't they make some red and yellow rat bones too?


  • check out the new pp atf wheels
  • I've seen them, nice, but they are just cruiser wheels.
  • Pink please. Everything in pink.
  • I'd like some orange ones
  • Wow, how did this thread fall off? Powell is making all of this reissue stuff and they can't pour some different colored urethane into the rat bone mold?

    Yellow rat bones? Those will never sell ... lol
  • how about 97a for all the pool and bowl riders...90a is too slow and hard to slide
  • Yes! Rat Bones in red, yellow, and pink and 97a!
    Better yet, OG Crossbones in ALL of the colors!
  • If you guys want a fast 97a for bowls try the Slimeball Vomits reissues. Available in neon green, bright pink, blue, and white. They feel like 97a did in the 80s.
  • @SK8ER yes, those SC vomits skate great, I've tried them. SOC needs to release a 60mm old school wheel in a harder duro so that we don't give NhS our money anymore.
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