I may have to buy an elephant...

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...deck. Check out this new shape. Rad!   It's 9.75 x 32 with modern concave.


  • Nice shape, shame it has a small nose...

  • I bought a Street Axe about a while back. Good board.
  • I've thought about it too. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, but it's a shame P/P is doing shapes like this. I still think I'm going to give the uncut blanks a go
  • they are pretty rad. he has some sick graphics as well. even though they are re hashes of stuff we have seen before. great shapes and bright colors. 
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    It's 31.5 inches long and has a 15 inch wheel base.  Another rad shape with modern concave.

  • posted image wrong
  • New Elephant selection was posted on SoCal website yesterday. Some pretty interesting ones up for this run.
  • The black street axe is rad and I really like the shape of the dresden.  My favorite shape is the white black flag, but I'm not a fan of the band.
  • I'm seriously considering the street axe.. Nose looks pretty damn pointy tho..
  • I gave in and bought the black street axe and the Dresden.
  • Nice! Let me know what you think of em, the street axe in particular
  • I almost bought the Elephant " There is a light " deck just because it is my favorite Smith's song. Perhaps I will have to find one.

  • New here, but just bought the Elephant Board #1.  Old school shape with modern concave - exactly what I wanted.  Would have loved to buy a McGill snakeskin shaped board like this (what I skated back in the day) but the Elephant seems promising.  Should have it Monday.

  • Cool man, let us know what you think
  • yeah, I've been away from skating for 20 years.  Just grabbed a McGill re-issue (yeah, I bought one of the pigs).  Put some 85A Rat Bones on it and got busy.  The Elephant should be an interesting comparison.

    My 8yr old daughter was super intrigued  by mine, so I just grabbed one of the Ripper Micro completes for her to learn on.  Stoked!
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