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Since I have started back up, I have tried three different shoes. Nike Dunk High, Van's Sk8 High and Van's Half Cab. Curious if anyone out there has tried the Nike SB Blazer Mid / High and how they compare to other shoes. I have a bone spur on my left big toe, so a comfy shoe is really helpful to keep the great toe happy after a long day of skating. I don't care for low tops ( to many turned ankles back in the day ), so mids / highs are what I am looking for. Any suggestions on what is good / bad out there?


  • I literally can't skate in anything but Lakai's.  Yes, it's a mental thing, but nothing else feels right.  They are not an overly durable shoe, but I really like the board feel/impact balance.  To me, Vans are unusable on my old man feet - too thin.  Lakai offers a similar board feel, but with impact protection.  Here are some mid's, which are admittedly harder to find.

  • I went back to chucks. I abandoned them in favor of airwalks back in the day because I would chew up chucks. Since I don't skate nearly as much now, I can wear them again.
  • Vans-TNT 5's.  They have the old school look, but have extra cushioning and padding.  They are a comfortable shoe and you can skate them.
  • Support the skater owned brands! Boycott Nike, Adidas, Converse and Vans. 
    Lakai and Emerica all the way!
    Servant actually makes really great shoes too. Incredibly designed, insanely comfy and durable as well.
  • Ordered a pair of the  Emerica Reynolds Mids this morning. I am a sucker for the Jordan - esque red and black color combo. Hoping they will be nicer to my old feet than the shoes I am currently wearing.
  • They're ugly as hell, but Osiris makes a high. I prefer Globe Sabres myself. I have heel spurs and the air in the heel is nice.
  • And your callin' the Emericas ugly?  Those Globes... sheesh. 

    I know, opinions...

  • I was calling the Osiris ugly.
  • They look like somebody barfed Skittles.
  • supra hammers
  • "They look like somebody barfed Skittles." 
    Yeah, those neon, high-top Osiris' are pretty bad.  I just assumed that those were teen-girl-type shoes. 

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    try globe,dc,airwalk
  • Airwalk 620ºfarenheits...og 90's airwalks! They are as rude as a bannana at a lesbo convention...
    Saw a pair of nos on ebay 600 bucks fer the shoes and another hundge fer postage from belgium...
    Or any of the better vans... as has been mentioned the tnts are a good boot and have decent ankle height.
    Fuck the noo skool rap sb are what I buy for my six year old coz they cheap and in his size at the time.
    If you really need padding for your toe then older globes have heavy padding all over the place when new.

    Ask yourself this I wear a fedora? Ever? If the answer is yes, be asham3d, very ashamed!

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