I Put My Request In For A Krooked Tony Hawk Guest Deck Yesterday...

edited January 2014 in Powell-Peralta®
Our local skate shop said it was not up on their site yet, but they would try to get me one. Here is the link to the deck. Hawk's first graphic was terrible, so what better way to make it cooler than give it the " Gonz Treatement.: The only thing better would have the Hawk attacking a Lance Doughboy!



  • It's a rad shape, looks like the hawk claw. Too bad they're so limited..
  • What are the specs on that? Love the shape but I can't tell if it's really long or really thin. Looks almost 33x7.5/8.
  • I have no idea on the specs. I put in the order sight unseen just to make sure I had a chance at one. I am hoping ( not a good way to make a purchase you intend on riding ) that it is in the same size range as the Cab Hot Rod.
  • the only thing better than than would be the elusive "scratch deck" prototype that never came out with the bird claw on a modern shape made by Powell Peralta.
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