Vallely Barnyard Popsicle shape

Any chance on re-issueing the Vallely's Barnyard popsicle you guy's did for him when he returned to


  • that......... or the lightning bolt. thats what i want. either one would be cool though.
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    not nice. hope u get coal in your stocking =( yeah............ i really like that deck im jelous. the graphics are so simple but..its just so classic mike v. it rocks. most people dont even know about that board. nice piece of history you got there buddy =)

    is this the one you got bill?
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    the one i have is black with a silver and white lightning bolt and it is 8 inches wide i couldnt go to the site to look since im not a member of the site lol
  • yeah thats it. the black w/silver rocks! thats the one!!!!!!!! il admit... im jelous =( sweet board dude.
  • they made a white w/ gold bolt mini too... but the black one rules.
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    yep i know that is around the era i started skating i was amazed i was even able to get it cause i ordered it a little after mv quit so im amazed

    jesus........... this is the ONLY pic i could find not on A.O.S. and its thrashed!!!
  • yea mke v signed the nose of mine when i hung out with him in 2003 i dont know if u know this or not but the top of the board has a burned classic dragon on top

    yeah... this is a pretty historic piece. like it or not. theres no denying it.
  • WHAT?????????????????? NO! I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOlY CRAP THATS COOL AS SHIT!!!!!!!!!! F!@#$ that baryard i want that lightning bolt now even more.
  • yea alot of ppl like it buuuuuuut i like my lightning bolt better :P i have it up on wall
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    yeah ive never seen the top of it i just assumed it was plain. but the burned dragon idea must be AWESOME looking. plus it makes sense too.. powell going through a transformation period at that time re-inventing themselves. nice piece bill especially with his signature on there u gotta a nice collectors piece guaranteed to go up in value. a used one in good condition sold in 2002 for a grand according to the others ive seen around $250.00 to $300.00 beat up...depends how bad someone wants it/condition and what not. pretty awesome. =)
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    damn dude well hey u know what ill take a pic of it just for u give me a few seconds....
  • sweet. thats cool. thanx dude.
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    no prob i also have some o.g. powell mini logos and some o.g. powell mini logo wheels(including some lime green minilogo wheels) i got alot of powell shit from the 90s u would shit urself everyone does i also have the mike v bolt in blue from what he released on black label and i also have that one signed
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    yeah i saw the black label re-issues. those are on there as well.. you should join its totally free takes like 2 minutes to sign up. pretty much every skateboard ever made and sold on a public/private auction is on there. i can get lost on there for hours just lookin at stuff..... its siiiiiick.....its good too to get values.. its always updating every month. the 90's stuff is REALLY comin up now. the demand for stuff from that decade is getting greater and stuff that was made in the 90's was made in even lesser quantities than stuff in the 80's. so it makes that stuff even more valuble to the right person.
  • haha yea i also got some o.g. destruco trucks and some 90s ventures right before they changed to just having the v on the hanger and just ridiculous shit haha ppl are always trying to buy stuff off me im like dude no way this stuff is classic stuff if i get rid of it i wont ever be able to get it again ppl just dont understand it makes me want to smack them and im glad there is some demand for the 90s stuff i hope to get ahold of stuff from back then that i didnt get to get such as the jason ellis aussie deck oh and i also got a set of animal chin wheels so i know ur jealous now x2 haha
  • crap i didnt even know about those wheels =) but yeah your right. if u like it. you better hang on to it. cuz u WONT see that stuff again. NO reason to sell it if you dont have to. u can just kick back and watch that shit go up in value. and it was your stuff.. not someone elses that you u bought for 6x as much 20 years later. i got a hawk mini i bought. it is as close to the one i had when i was a kid as i could find... its cool... and i love it... and its totally mint. and il never get rid of it BUT.. it would be cooler if i had my old thrashed one.. just cuz i skated it. oh well............ thats life. =)
  • haha yea oh man i got these stickers that i think u would like they are the ripper but they were setup like a vato rat strip u could put them on ur board all at once or u can use them as individual stickers ill take a photo of it tomorrow for u cause my battery died and i dont feel like charging it lol but yea i agree with everything
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    O.K! Give these guy's the lightning bolt request and me the Barnyard!! I'm sure he'll sign off on both!
    Yes, gotta have either the Winged Ripper logo or the Dragon logo on top!!
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    well we had this discussion a million times there is not enough demand for 90s stuff so they wont produce 90s stuff til the world is done and gone i do respect all the 80s boards but they arent my cup of tea since i started skating in the mid 90s
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    thats pretty funny shit.... sorry boner. =) yeah he probably would sign off on both. bring em on. il take em both. make that barnyard in an 8.5 ? sounds like a nice skateable shape for that graphic. id buy a couple of those however.......... for that board you gotta have the "please dont eat my friends " top..... thats classic... gotta get some sleep............. later.
  • yea id try to get a lightning bolt re-issue as long as the price wasnt ridiculous
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