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Who out there had a set of streetstyle's once upon a time? I've been riding bowl bomber SPF's on park type shit, but need something for cruising around the neighborhood. I have a set of rat bone II 97a reissues, but they were disappointing cause they felt more like 95's and don't slide all that well. Anyway, I never had a set of the street style and have been eyeing a set so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  • I agree about the Rat Bones II's they don't feel like 97a. I got some of the slimeball vomits 97a reissues and they feel like 97a, fast at the park and you can slide on just about anything.
  • I had a pair back in the day. Everyone used to ride the freestyle wheels on street back in the day so they came out with the street styles. They were great back then. I don't know however how the aging would affect the urethane. I remember them being more of a square cut shape. That's about all I remember about them. Hope it helps. 
  • Right on, thanks for the input. I had a thought about age negatively affecting the urethane too.. Not sure on that. I also always remember a rumor about colored wheels being softer than labeled cause of the die reacting to the formula, I never had colored wheels, so I can't speak to that myself, anyone else? I was looking at ojii team rider reissues too. I can't help but feel a little gun-shy about powell's after buying the rat bones thinking they'd be the 97's I remember.. As far as STF's go, a friend of mine has a set and they seem a little too hard for my liking. I was never into the super hard street wheel thing, and 55's seem to be about the biggest they come in anyway. I want to go back to the one wheel does it all vibe of my youth, instead of switching wheels out for whatever terrain I want to hit. Sorry for the long post... rambling now..
  • None of the reissues are as good as the urethane of the 80's. I remember having some 95A mini rats and sliding for miles. If Powell can get that original formula right, we all would be better off. The last truly good wheel they made were the Bones Hardcores. They were 99A but rode so good. 
  • The DTF wheels are 95a and they feel like old school 95a. How can the DTF 95a wheels feel harder than the reissue rat bones 2's and g-bones that are said to be 97a? Try a set of the slimeball vomits 60mm 97a wheels, they feel like the original formula and they are great on the street and the park.
  • Yeah, doesn't make sense! Thanks for the suggestion man. Im thinking either those slimeballs or the 61mm ojii's. Both are 97a, can't imagine the formula would be too different between them. I like the shape of the oj's a bit better and have always had white wheels, so I'm leaning towards those..
  • Ppk187,
    Checkout the OJ2 elite combo reissue wheels. They are 60mm, 95a and white.
  • Fister72 - stay tuned on that thought about those wheels buddy. : )
  • What, they're refining the formula?
  • Got some oj ii team riders today, sorry p/p!
  • If they make bones hardcores again I'm stocking up.
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