Send Some Positive Vibes For My Knee

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I was a couple hours into skating at the local park when I decided to break out my little launch ramp ( only 2' high ). After a few tries of just ollieing into a little air, I screwed up royally. Landed with my back foot ( I skate goofy ) off the tail, but front foot still firmly on the board. Heard my knee pop as it went into hyperextension and maybe worse. Waited about 30 minutes to try to shake it off, got back on my board and went to push with the damaged knee. It bent too far forward again and collapsed. I went home, iced that mother down for a day and 1/2, ate handfuls of ibuprofen and broke out the old knee brace and crutches. Set an appointment with the orthopedic doc this morning. I am hoping that I did not wreck my PCL or ( noooooo! ) my ACL. I have had this knee fixed twice ( everything but the ACL ) and it was never as bad an injury as I got this time. Lesson of the day. Launch ramps are for young knees, not 42 year old knees.


  • Sorry to hear that. I am now 40 and about two years ago I decided to only skate bowls and just cruise the streets with an occasional Ollie, boneless, or Slappy. My knees can't handle street or air anymore. I just pump and carve, throw down some slash grinds and 50-50s and just face the facts that I am older. I still love to skate.
  • I am pretty sure my knees can,t handle launch ramps anymore. ;) My reach was more than my grasp. I am just hoping against hope it is not torn up.
  • Damn dude, sorry to hear about your knee! I did the same thing on my 2' mini ramp a couple of years ago doing boneless ones. Mine didn't pop, but it did sound like my jeans ripped.. only they didn't. I didn't go get it checked out, and everything seems to have repaired itself, though it's aching now with sympathy. Hope your alright and recover quickly!
  • Good luck, man.  Heal up quick, hope it's nothing too bad.

  • Man brotha, sorry to hear that. I had my torn meniscus removed in my knee this past October & street skating just hasn't been the same. Even at 35, my knees seemed to have retired a while back. Wishing you a quick recovery bro. Skating is in my blood, so knees or no knees, skate on man!!
  • The diagnosis is in. Torn ACL. The doc took a huge vial of blood out of my knee yesterday. It feels much better now, but it is still totally unstable.At best I have a four month recovery period. Not horrible, as it will put me back on my board in June. I got the doctor who has done many skaters, snowboarders and Matt Hoffman of BMX fame. I should be in good hands.The physical therapy seems to be the worst of it, but I don't mind the pain, as long as the goal is to get back to skating. I will be sticking to bowl skating and just cruising from now on. No more launch ramps. So in the words of the Cars, let the good times roll.
  • Sorry dude, that sucks.  I will hit 40 this year, and separated my shoulder two years ago - it's still separated (it doesn't go back without surgery).  I've been much lower speed since that, hell, couldn't safely skate for a year.  I had to relearn how to use my dominant arm, and strengthen other muscles.  Took me 18 months to be able to do pushups, so I could catch a fall.  You reach a point where you're broken, and you have to factor in your real-life responsibilities and ability to perform them.  But it doesn't mean you have to give things up, just have to be smarter.
  • Hope you have a speedy recovery and are back at it in no time.
  • cwalker3, you hit it on the head. The mind is willing, but the body is not able to do the street stuff anymore. I will take up the challenge to become a competent bowl skater in my golden years. It is just weird as I grew up skating street and vert was just a sideline as we only had one 1/2 pipe in the whole town I lived in. There is a reason that the pro vert guys from the 80's are still ripping and most of the street guys are not. I would guess a lot of it has to do with the condition of the body and the mileage on the knees from street vs. vert.
  • My version of street is pretty much cruisin around and popping smallies over manholes and power slides anymore.. Maybe a bank if I find one
  • yeah…it finally caught up to me as well. same thing..launch ramps. i didn't suffer a major injury and i still skate them. but if i session one for too long it kills for days. there is a sweet little local off the beaten path cement park/combi pool by house and there is a 6ft roll in to a 3 ft launch. when i land sometimes i see stars from landing so hard. i usually hit it with 54mm wheels, indy 169s on any variety of old school deck. id skate softer wheels and the impact is much more absorbed but i can't get as high. its a stupid problem to have. but yeah..i feel you on the age limitation. it never affected me until this year. figures..right when i move to California i have issues with my old bones. Im spending more time surfing and skim boarding now.. hurts a lot less in the water to bail. hope all goes well with your knee bro. best wishes.
  • Got the final diagnosis via MRI yesterday. Completely torn ACL, torn medial meniscus, torn lateral meniscus and crap floating around under the knee cap. First appt. with surgeon for pre - op stuff on 2/19. I am hoping to have it moved up. I have set my goal to be back on my board of July 4th. I am calling it " ACL Independence Day." Already started the pre - surgery exercises to strengthen my quads, etc. Like Grosso says, " if you want to play, you have to pay."
  • Gnarly... good luck man!
  • "The physical therapy seems to be the worst of it"

    Dude, it's not that bad.  You just have to commit to your recovery.  If you don't, you won't heal correctly, and you'll always regret it.  Get the work done, do your work, heal up, and get skating again! 

    Heal up soon!

  • I am ready to get the surgery and get on the PT. I have no issues with working hard to get the knee back in shape. Between PT and going to the gym on my own, it shouldn't be that hard. This is my third surgery on that knee ( first ACL ever ), so I am used to the PT.
  • Good luck with it. I pump & carve & the odd slide only these days as well. My body doesnt have the talent capacity it used to.
  • Surgeon told me my new ACL will come from the middle of my patella tendon. He also told me that no matter how much work I put into the PT after the surgery, 6 months recovery before skating again is not negotiable. It takes a full six months for the new ACL to fuse to the bone and get a healthy blood supply from the body. I did not know that. You learn something new every day. So, it appears I will have the surgery in the next two weeks and then start from there. I am approaching the rehab with the goal to strengthen my overall body to enable me to land a sad plant by the end of 2014.
  • Do some research on LARS. Its a new & better way to have an ACL done.

    I know several footballers who've had it done & were back walking/ training within 6 weeks of the surgery.
  • I will be able to walk after two weeks. The main issue with ACL reconstruction ( according to my surgeon ), is letting the new ACL / small bone graft, completely heal / bond / revascularize before starting pivoting / landing sports, like skating. I have never heard of LARS, but after reading a bit about it, it seems to have promise. I am going to stick with the method he uses. He is the acknowledged best in our area. He has reconstructed / tended to Matt Hoffaman's massive array of damaged limbs for years and takes care of the majority of orthopedic surgery for the University of Oklahoma sports programs. Plus, he told me to tell me wife there was no real reason to quit skating after this injury. ;)
  • To Castpolymer, My nephew who tore his ankle and the doctors said he will never skate again and that was 2 years ago. He is now skating at 85% but will never be 100%. What he did was try a truck I designed that reduces about 40 to 90% of the impact but our truck is not on the market yet. If you like I can show you what I came up with so you can skate again with reduced impact throughout the whole body. You have to see it and try it to believe it. We plan a launch in Sept 2014 for our truck. Another guy is using our truck after spiral fracture on his leg and he is not even feeling pain when landing.

    Please let me know be happy to hook you up

  • I would love to check out. Send me the email at
  • Dale,

    I just sent you an email with 2 pdf's of the truck.

  • Paul, sent you an email with some questions. Very interesting and simple design. I like it so far.
  • Five days after ACL reconstruction and medial / lateral meniscal tear surgery. I can walk without crutches. Hope to get cleared for stationary bike and weight training tomorrow.
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