skull and sword new concave

now that the deck finally has a great shape...can we PLEASE see it in a different colorway? you cant even see the skeleton graphic in the background on the real deck in person.i have one.. its lame and looks generic. the picture is kind of decieving. that graphic is (or can be) awesome, needs some color to do it some justice!! especially on the k15 concave. glad to see alot of the boards are going to that. cuz that barbee concave is PERFECT. seriously... K15 is the s@#T !!!


  • Yeah Nick I agree. SOC more colors on all the decks please. And that graphic is so freaking timeless it does need to "pop" of the board more. Also Nick is right the K15 is soooooo great on longer wheelbase boards and wider ones. the Hipster feels so natural under my feet with that. Only thing is it makes the tail feel flat on my Rodriguez Now deck with the K11, not sure why?
  • yea we have already requested that and they want feed back on color. so what color way would you guys want if you can choose?
  • Bright colors like the green Mike V reject deck. Some blue and purple like the Hawk and McGill Snakeskin were in the 80's would rock, especially since the graphic has all the background images in it. The two tone schemes like those Chin era decks had were great. Also the products page says K10 on this board, that is the old concave right?
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    YES! please bright colors. lime green, hot pink, purple etc......... =)

    take your pick on color...........these are some good examples here +

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    we will probably not do the pink for that one but ill let you know when we make a decision.
  • I'm am so up for pink anything. Don't you guys think it would sell really well? Nothing says 80's PP like fluorescent pink/green/blue.
  • they did a pink steadham a few years back
  • we did a pink McGill and Cab Dragon 1 in pink. i mentioned it and they think the old colors should be for the old shapes. i mentioned doing the spoon nosed one in pink because the yellow needs to be changed. the dragon and bats might change to black with purple bats with a lime dragon and thats about all i know at the moment. just remember that art guys are art guys and they tend to change their minds last minute. who knows what will be coming out in Feb? not i.
  • that cab idea sounds good minus the bat color i think yellow bats would be dope
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    anything but black. thats all im sayin....... =) that white looks good. please.. put a top graphic on it... winged ripper would be swell =)
  • like this?
  • yeah thats better than the current lame silver dragon/bats. do like the purple bats. sweet.
  • yep thats the one. we have requested that color scheme and the lime green
  • neons... pink, yellow, green,blue, orange etc etc etc
  • Lime green with purple bats!!!
  • yeah id much rather see the lime green myself.
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