Video For Hawk Guest Deck from Krooked! Hawk Is Still The King.

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I put my name in the hat for one of these before I blew my ACL. Still want one. Hawk makes it look so damn easy. Still the best there ever was and ever will be.



  • The bottle nose is awesome. Powell, are you seeing this? Let's get with the program!
  • ^agreed^..
  • Yup, kind of defeats the purpose to release old school "shapes" when the deck has no shape. The chin era shapes were part of what set pp apart from the rest. To ignore that when celebrating history seemed almost counter productive.
  • Totally hit the nail on the head Chris. Powell  Peralta......with the chin shaped boards you are sitting on a gold mine! If you release the chin shapes, AS WELL as chin shaped boards in double kick with an early 90's vibe to them......I'm sure everyone one on here will agree that you'd have trouble keeping up with demand.
  • Chin shapes! Chin shapes! Chin Shapes!
  • looks like a bottlenose mini
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    He will always be the numero uno. Good on Krooked for doing something people actually like.
    Great vid as well.. he looks like hes wearing an old pair of Rector pads.

    I cant wait for the next brigade colourway. Ive always wanted a pig nose Hawk, I reckon it would look cool next to the 1 million other pig nose reissues that are still for sale everywhere.. just awsum!
  • Yea, no matter what Sheckler, Houston, White, or the next kid do.....Tony Hawk will always be the skateboarding equivalent to Wayne Gretzky. Rodney will always be Howe. Can't go wrong with either, but they are the ones who took skateboarding to the highest level.
  • Added note. Lance will always be #1 in my book. I guess he's my Bobby Orr.
  • You only have to watch the winter olympics to note how far their creations have stretched.
    Every 2nd snowboard trick is a cab this, cab that etc.

  • I wish they incorporated their name into every trick they invented. Every trick out there would be a Hawk-a-whirl to Hawk-leg-flap-a-wing or a Mulleflippyback.
  • Lance is my favorite vert skater, but Hawk is simply the best ever. Cab is a near perfect combo of the two.
  • Just spoke with a really nice gent at CalSk8. The 540 Krooked Hawk guest decks are completely sold out and were essentially sold out months ago when they first became public knowledge. Powell, are you hearing this? 540 decks sold at over $ 80.00 per deck retail and sold before they ever hit the shelves. Get me a bottle nose Hawk with a K15 concave and 15" wheelbase. Do it!
  • I would expect to start seeing them pop up on ebay in the next couple of days.
  • I agree Castpolymer, an actual original shaped full sized old school deck with the classic full graphics would sell like hot cakes. The pigs just dont cut it.
  • I think I'd be more stoked on a hawk claw than the skull at this point..
  • Paul Bound and ppk187 are right on. How about a  9/12" x 32" and a " mini " a 9" x 31 1/2" or so. Modern concave and kicknose would sell like crazy. How sweet would a Cab Chinese Dragon vert board be with modern concave and kicknose? Same with McGill snakeskin, etc.
  • Heck even a mini logo line with the old school shapes would be fun!
  • I remember asking Jesse when he was customer support if they would take the classic shape and graphics and update the dimensions to make them more functional. His response they wouldn't do that, reissues would be same as originals. That was two or three years back. What I find funny about that answer is that Cab has basically been skating an updated version of his old shape with classic graphics and modern dimensions for years now. Seems logical that is what most PP fans want, classic shapes and graphics on functional boards. I always thought you are better to supply what is in demand. Imagine how many Snakeskins they would sell on a modernized shape! Not my loss at the end of the day.
  • I have been buying elephant brand boards because PP wont do old shapes with modern molds.  Take a look at some of the new 2014 elephant brand shapes and they are killer!  
  • Just between Cab and McGill ( only current Powell old school riders as I remember ), PP could use classic graphics and modern shapes and clean up.
  • You fellas are totally right, and we've been talking about this, and throwing these ideas out like crazy. We still don't understand why they won't listen to us! The consumers! All the ideas above are basically a license to print money!
  • I just got this on my FB feed. Look powers that be at PP. You can do this. No one has a library of riders and graphics more beloved than you folks. Let's get this done!
  • I just opened up my email. I may have a Krooked Hawk Deck waiting for me this morning. It appears they shipped out a few days ago and the shops are just getting them. Fingers crossed!
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