An Open Letter To The Good Folks At Powell Peralta

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Let me begin this by saying my first deck was a TH Chicken Head Pig in the early 80's. I am now 42 years old and have recently started skating again. I have been a loyal PP buyer since I was a kid and even now. Not exclusive, but most of my board then and now are PP or homemade ones. I appreciate and applaud Mr. Powell for keeping his manufacturing in the United States ( especially in California ). I am also a manufacturer ( though on a much smaller scale ) and know the costs involved in doing this. Now, down to brass tacks. PP, you are missing the damn boat on gaining market share back with the young folks. Every single time I go to the skate park, I bring shaped decks with modern concaves and kicknoses that are 9" + and around 32" long. Every single time the kids want to skate them, so I started bringing 2-3 at a time. They skate them for hours and love them. They consistently talk about how smooth the board is, how much faster they can go ( I use 149 - 169 trucks with 60mm wheels and Bones Reds ) and how they love the shape. They don't seem to care at all that they can't skate switch ( how many really do ) or might have more issues with nose based ollie tricks. I will then ask to see their boards and lay it on one of my decks ( especially the Tree trimmer ). They freak when they see their popsicle decks are barely any different size - wise ( in a good way ). I have had ten or more kids ask me about Welcome Decks and they want one because they have cool shapes. Welcome is a new company that has nothing on PP. But, PP has decided to let a company like Welcome take even more of the market share that PP should be courting. PP had the best riders, shapes and graphics of any company in the 80's. Kid like those post - pig shapes ( let's just call them Chin shapes ). Why are you not making what folks want? I will give you an example. The Slappy decks are a totally waste of time. Without a kicknose and modern concave, they might as well be a 2 x 6 with metal skate wheels on them to a skater in his teens. Granted, the graphics are very cool and they have a cool shape, but once again the boat was missed with the concave and kicknose.
  Let's move on and discuss riders. I will not pretend I know the in's and out's of getting someone like Lance Mountain, who skates for another company, to sign off on a deck from PP. So, lets attack this issue with two ideas. 1) Get Lance to sign off on a LM Future Primitive graphic and basic shape, but with modern concave and kicknose? 2) If #1 is not realistic for reasons I am not privy to, why not take the basic shape of the LM Future Primitive graphic ( like the one's you put out on a larger popsicle board last year ), and produce them on a modern board with the basic shape of the LM Future Primitive deck? The same can be said of the McGill snakeskin, the original Cab " Ban this Dragon " , the spoon nosed Skull and Sword with the ribs on the graphic, TH Spoon nosed decks, etc.
  Let's talk about run numbers. If you still think that the ideas I have put forward are risky, try this. Put out two decks in the next 120 days with old school " Chin " shapes, but with PP graphics ( no riders that are not currently on the PP roster ) and modern concave and kicknose. Try approx. 9"+ x 32" sizes with dual bolt holes for old and new school trucks. Make the wheelbase 15" or more. Make them limited runs of 1,000 decks and market them prior to release on Skateone and to the other big online retailers. I will eat my Bones t-shirt if they are not sold out the first 30 days of release. If you really want to kick - ass, get Cab to sign off on the original Chinese dragon vert board shape with K15 concave and kicknose with those original graphics and McGill to do the same with his snakeskin model. It would be a license to print money. I would bet the pre - sales would easily eat up 50% of a run of 1,000.
  As a long time PP customer, I am begging you folks to please start thinking outside the box while also leveraging your past ( and our love of PP from the 80's ). No more pig board reissues ( unless they have modern concave and kicknose ), no more slappys. Just shaped boards of classic shapes with modern kicknose and concave or the popsicle decks for those who like them. If you would like to contact me regarding this letter, please email me at Best Regards, Dale Schultz.


  • Good on ya Dale. I second that. I was thinking, do other companies make those slappy style boards? I am wondering if this is PP trying top think outside the box. I don't know but I hope not.
  • I think they are trying to create a new market, by combing existing markets.  We have these "odd" shapes out there, Simpsons, pizza, all kinds of cruiser shapes, plus the banana boards, and general cruisers.  I think these fun shapes and slappies are just their way of trying to combine all aspects and see if there is a market for it.

    Of course we already know there is a market for late 80s decks, and they really aren't going after it.  I wonder how well the various Cab reissues are selling, maybe they aren't moving and THAT is why PP is ignoring the other "chin shapes", figuring there is no market for it.
  • I find it odd that Cab rides what we are all saying we want yet they wont sell it to the public. Old school, non pig shape with modern dimensions and classic graphics. Pigs may well be easier to produce but they have been done to death for more than 5 years now!
  • Sadly, if we have learned anything over the past 10 years or so - it's that Powell knows what we want, not us.
  • Haha, well put!

  • Did you send it to them as well as post it here?
  • Just posted it here. I will send it to them tomorrow during normal business hours.
  • Right on. I get the impression they don't check in here for some reason ;)
  • Hopefully they lmfp, black lmfp, black lmfp.
  • Well said mate. If you get a response, we'd all love to see it. I just wish they'd look at their old rivals(Santa Cruz,Vision) and see that all their reissue board runs have sold out. The demand is just getting bigger.
  • How could Powell not know that there is demand for the Chin era shapes? Every time they reissue Cab's Chinese Dragon it sells out.
  • Your letter was too long for me to bother reading..can someone give me the jist of it?
  • It's a letter covering absolutely everything we all have been asking for, for the last 5 years.We all just want an answer WHY won't they do the "Chin Era" boards. Hopefully we get an answer sometime this year.
  • Oh ok cool..snakeskin!!
  • Letter was submitted to PP and Skateone at 7:00 a.m. this morning. I will now hold my breath. ;)
  • Still holding breath....;)
  • I would be surprised if George even sees it. Seems like the customer services minion screens everything and answers the questions. I hope we do get a reasonable answer so at least we can all understand a little of their mind set and where they see things going.
  • I would not expect Mr. Powell to see the letter. I would hope someone might bring it up at a marketing meeting, but knowing how even smaller corporations operate, this would be a stretch.
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    Just read a Q and A session with Stacey Peralta on his FB page. Quite interesting. Of note he says he has nothing to do with the design of skateboarding equipment anymore, and has no desire to do so. He did say he has one idea he will talk to George about it soon. Seems like a low key, nice guy with little interest in keeping up with the skate industry.
  • Could always message it to George through his Facebook page, seems like he actually runs it
  • That would be a good idea
  • I did not know George had a FB page. Thanks!
  • You could always email kam directly -  
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