An Open Letter To The Good Folks At Powell Peralta



  • Friend request sent to Mr. Powell.
  • You can message him without being friends too
  • But I want to be his friend.
  • so no response to the letter yet
  • Seems like typically no reply yet. They know better than us as usual.
  • im not even worried about the old school stuff since that isnt my thing but the reply would be interesting
  • Yeah it would be interesting to get a little bit of an understanding as to how they think and see these things.
  • I would not expect any answer until the end of the week. They probably get a ton of email from old cranks like me. ;)
  • haha probably
  • but whenever i email them i usually get a reply back in the same day but i dont write long stuff either so
  • I'm in between bill and everyone else. I don't go through decks fast enough to need a surplus of old decks, plus one I'm riding I cut myself. And I really only want to "collect" lance decks and have my two holy grails already. But I understand the desire for them.

    Of course this all hinges on the final lmfp being black.
  • Kam's a good guy.
  • Got this yesterday. It got thru to Kam and that is good enough for me.

    Thanks Dale, will forward your ides. we appreciate your support.

    Kam ParkSkate One Corp CS SupervisorE-Commerce Dept ManagerPowell Peralta Museum Archivis
  • Yeah... Typical response, I've gotten that one before
  • I bet these ideas get forwarded to the trash.
  • They probably think we are a bunch of ungrateful bastards. Just customers letting them know there is demand for certain product.

  • You got a virtual pat on the head.
  • I was thinking the same thing Paul. As Much as we "suggest" products, I don't think any of us are ungrateful. We know we are lucky stacy and George got back together and we are happy we are getting some things we want. It's only natural that once the door is open a crack, we want more. Plus, in the end, it's all business. I would hope they don't take any of our bitching personal. We are consumers and we just want specific products. At least I hope the guys don't see us as ungrateful. As long as the final lmfp is black, I'll never be ungrateful.

    In case I haven't mentioned which color lmfp I want next, not sure if I've brought it up yet. I usually keep my desires myself ahem*flammable bones shirt*ahem
  • Right on Chris. When you look at it, we are a bunch of people telling them we want to give them our money!
  • did u buy the flammable shirt when it came out a few years ago
  • How many more years will go by before you guys realise that if its something yourself & others want, dont expect it to happen.

    I applaud your letter, however like others have said, its met the delete button.

    Just think for a minute how many others around the world have sent them something similar .. they would get the passionate stuff everyday.

  • I'm sure there is a little company out there who are watching everything we say.........."these guys are screaming for the chin era boards, but Powell Peralta won't play.......maybe we could bootleg these boards for them???" World Industries did it....
  • I think i got that same response from Kam when i begged for a snakeskin. Saying he's going to pass it on to marketing is sort of strange. I think they know what we want by now, its not as if they wouldn't have had discussions before about the chin era shapes...I'm thinking of basically spamming them 10 times a day until i get the answer i want, but then again that sounds like a lot of effort for something that wouldn't get read...I'd be happy if they released the 4th color run of BB decks this year sometime
  • Bill, I bought 6 of them. I have two still in plastic to keep them safe until I wear out the others. I'm actually about to go shirt shopping again here soon and plan on getting a few more. I want to make sure I have enough to last for years to come.
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