An Open Letter To The Good Folks At Powell Peralta



  • Chris
    The flammable shirts are no longer in production.
  • That's why I bought 6 when I could, but they are available on eBay and various online shops. Has always been my favorite design, I begged for it for years, finally got my wish and ordered many. I'll do the same if the next lmfp is black.
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  • Gentlemen,  You guys get so worked up over stuff, I am wondering if you have day jobs or not?!!  ;-)  Anyway, it's fun to see what you are into at the moment, and yes, we do monitor our blog, and if it requires more than a "normal" answer, and Kam doesn't know what to say, he does pass it on to our brand managers, sales, R&D, or gasp, even to me as appropriate, so rest assured that we hear you and factor your comments into our product development plans, marketing plans, and quality control if there is an issue.  

    I'm writing you because Castpolymer took the time to write a thoughtful, pretty much on point, letter about our specific marketing and development directions, which was really cool of him to do, and is appreciated, because he is not bagging on us, he has taken the time to piece together market information and apply it to things he feels would be useful or easy for us to do.  Thanks Castpolymer!  

    Please know that Powell•Peralta is a 35 year old brand, with many of the original development, marketing and manufacturing team still in place, which is pretty amazing in today's world of 3 year jobs....  A number of our employees have been with us for over 30 years, many over 20 years, and most about 10 or more.  We are all about skateboarding, and making the best possible skate equipment.  Our mission is to be the best skate company in the world, and we have a lot of experience doing what we do; we are not just starting out by launching ourselves into the skate world....  As a result of Skate One's 37 years of serving skateboarding, we have had many successes, and lots of failures to learn from.  However, even though we have tons of experience, we don't think we know it all, and we are constantly seeking new information about what new things skaters are into all around the world, so keep the suggestions and observations coming..  (We sell product to about 60 countries)  Skateboarding is now many markets, not just one like it was in the 1980's or 2000's.

    It sounds like you guys sometimes think we are not doing anything, when in fact, we are scurrying madly to get new molds, materials, shapes, colors, graphics, manufacturing techniques, or equipment up an running to launch new products.  We care enough to actually make our own products because we believe we can make them better than some job shop.  We take the time and we usually get it right...or I trust you would not be even bothering to visit our blog or discuss our trajectory.  So here is the bottom line,  we hear you, think your ideas are pretty much good ones, and in fact we are already working on product to address this market.  It just takes time.  Some of our new products are aimed for first time skaters, some for downhill skaters and racers, some for freestylers, some for park skaters, some for cruisers, some just for clowning around on.  Our R&D dept is the busiest it has been in 37 years!  We are inundated with great new ideas, technologies, and products all in development at once.  Trucks, decks, wheels, accessories, graphics by VCJ, and anything else we can think of to make our skaters happy, so DO bother to share your ideas with us, but DO NOT expect them to all be instantly materialized as if we could just 3-D print them... ;-)

    My thanks and regards to all of you, and especially to Castpolymer for his timely message.


  • Thank you George for your time to reply to his email, especially in doing so publicly.

    Thank you for all you have done for our sport over the years, my deepest thanks. An extra special thank you for the flammable bones shirt.

    And a preemptive thank you for the black lmfp you will be issuing next, I'm really looking forward to it. (Crosses fingers)
  • Thanks George for the reply and a little insight. I probably should get back to my day job now!

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    Thanks for the reply Mr. Powell. You are aces in book!
  • Mahalo George!
  • Well put George!
  • A super big THANKYOU!! George for answering our calls, and thanks for taking the time out just for us. We really appreciate it!
    We all speak for alot of the skaters out there, young and old, and we all look forward to what you have up your sleeve in the near future.......(chin era boards).........Thanks again!
  • Thanks for the respect and appreciation.  We really do aim to please, and to support skateboarding in the ways we are able to.  One additional note...While we are relatively free to reissue and restructure classic decks from Mike McGill, Cab, Alan Gelfand and others who work with us, or do not have sponsorships from competitors of ours, this is not the case with Tony, Tommy, Rodney and others who have their own companies and/or conflicting relationships.  So, while we know that there are many decks that skaters and collectors would love us to reissue, they may never happen because of these conflicts of interest.  We do what we can in these areas, but it is not always possible.

  • Mr. Powell: possible work around. Chin shapes using Animal Chin himself as the sponsored rider. I would buy those in a second!

  • Thank you again George, black lmfp, your hard work and dedication, black lmfp, to our sport, black lmfp, is and always will be, black lmfp, appreciated. Black lmfp.
  • Don't forget about the sweatpants too ;)
  • What does black lmfp mean? Seriously, I have no idea.
  • Black, lance mountain future primitive. My first "real" deck back in 85 or 86 was an xt lance mountain fp, black dip with red figures and gold trim. It's my holy grail of decks, I want one to skate and one to hang. I have a drilled/not skated one but I really want a mint one, even if it's a reissue, without spending 1k+. I also think it's the best color it came in. I am really hoping that is the final color they release.
  • Got it. I should have figured that out. All these damn acronyms throw me off.
  • ic iuhficbat.
  • You are killing me. ;)
  • If they're free to do Mcgills decks why havent they done a snakeskin on a shape other than a pig shaped? You guys might have been impressed with George's note but it was kind of generic to the point where it didn't really say anything but "we've been around for 37 years, we know what we're doing, we decide what we make, there's legal issues". Pfft
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    His reply to us alone shows me he wants to give us what we want as long as it is contractually possible. I was more than pleased Mr. Powell replied personally. Shows me he is a hands - on owner even after 35 years. If you own a manufacturing company, that is like dog years. ;)
  • I'm happy with an answer from the least we know he hears us and has taken it in to consideration. Castpolymers open letter was enough to spur George into giving us some insight.
  • You're easy to please
  • I am a glass half full guy. ;)
  • Haha well put, i'm a "explode first, be reasonable second" guy
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