Dragon and Bats...

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Just thought I would share this with the folks at Powell Peralta. I posted a pic last week of the painting I'm working on with the Ripper/CA flag. This is one I made for Cab. I'm gearing up for a big show next year, a chunk of the work will contain various elements that pay homage to some of my favorite skateboarders and graphics...
oil on canvas 32" x 36"

when finished the big one on the left will contain parts of an old Italian painting by the artist Caravaggio and the Jim Phillips "Grosso Devil Bat" graphic. In art history classes (way back during the little wheels era) that painting always reminded me of Grosso with the angel coming down... the total size is 6' x 10'


  • thats epic Ben! keep up the good work.

    and if your attending the ASR trade show there will be a homage to the ripper art show featuring lots of guest artists/skaters/reps/business owners from the industry. it should be a good time but it is not open to the public.
  • I super love that deck! I haven't got it yet. :-(
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