What are your thoughts on Santa Cruz star wars decks

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I like the blister pack idea bought a set


  • All their products are MADE IN CHINA!  Star Wars, Pabst, Simpsons, etc...I smell a sellout!
  • Meh..I'll pass
  • No sellout here Captain America
  • I think they look alright, but I don't really have any interest in Star Wars. If the Vader deck were $80 or so, I'd get it simply for the creative design.
  • CAB artwork.
  • It's been done before. Senn did it, someone else did it, and either Wal-Mart or target had a series of completes back in the 90s with star wars graphics.
  • plan b did it
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    SC should have hired CAB to do the art. The SC SW decks look like walmart specials at a high price.
  • That's it, plan b. I remember seeing star wars decks in the past. The blister pack is cool though.
  • They have them in stock at the Santa Cruz Boardroom.. They are pretty amazing in person.. wow. Obviously not meant to be skated because the packaging is awesome! They look just like action figures in blister package from the 70s and 80s. If I wasnt broke I would have all of them.
  • I'm not in to 'em, but seems like a no-brainer from a marketing standpoint. 

  • santa cruz just won a lawsuit against kryptonics
  • What was that law suit all about Bill? Krypto was a good company back in the day. Shame they went to shit. I think Dwindle Distribution is making them now.
  • copyright infrigement
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  • Yup..doing that will get u a lawsuit, no two ways about it
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    yep nhs doesnt play
  • Set of the bliter card sold on eBay 1,425$
  • Thanks Bill. That answers that. They look almost identical.
  • yea but i think the checkers and the mouth one shouldnt really count
  • The Krypto logo still looks the SCS logo. I can still see the similarities between them. If Kryptonics would start making decent reissues like the Bon Apitite or maybe the Godoy's or Booger Brown I would buy them.  
  • Kinda looks like what SC produce's these days anyway.
  • Cal skate has the second run on there site
  • I'm passing on the star wars decks, just not my thing.. it seems par for the course though for SC with the Simpsons and Beer series they have done. I can see them doing a Back to the future series too, I mean with all the Huvr board crap thats been going around .... Marty Mcfly, Doc, Biff, Valtera ... shit they could do a whole series of those too.... still not buying though

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