Slate blue McGill reissue

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What's the deal with the slate blue McGill reissue. I thought the lightning bolts and signature were supposed to be yellow. I got mine from So Cal and they are blue. I'm kind of pissed because the yellow popped on the slate blue. My copper Cab should be here Friday. I hope it looks better.


  • Yea i noticed the pic they had up changed, weird. Hope the cab is to your liking
  • It does look a bit lame with the blue on blue
  • guess they changed their mind at the last second or the other was just a mock up
  • Isnt that false advertising. The deck was supposed to look like this
  • lol things always change at the last minute with them
  • Yea it'd be good if the other websites would update the pics. I'd be a little disappointed if I ordered something and it wasn't exactly like the description. Makes me think of the old days where I didn't trust online shoping lol
  • Maybe they will still make some with yellow. That means spending more money though. It would be worth it though because the yellow looks good.
  • i like the all blue version but that is probably because it's my favorite color
  • It's growing on me Bill. It just seems like to much blue. I got the copper Cab dragon and navy Cab street today from So Cal and they are both bad ass. Also got another Vato Rat 8.25 for street. It would be nice if they would just use the OG Vato Rat graphic like they do with the Skull and Sword and Ripper. A Vato Rat pig with wheel wells and the original graphic that says Bones on the nose would be nice also.
  • About two years ago they released a blue McGill with yellow lightning bolts and name. I think that's why they changed it last minute.
  • I wonder how I managed to miss that. Thanks FAUS.
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