New Rat Bones II colors?

Would love to get some new colors for the Rat Bones 2s. Green and blue would be sweet!!!!


  • added to list. thanks prb
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    for sure. once again. white or black is lame. all the bones wheels are white which they should be i suppose. but the powell peralta... and... classics NEED some color. drop those tank sized mini cubics from the line up and add some crossbones ill bet they will sell better by at least 50% its pretty much guaranted. then it would be perfect... youd have ratbones.. which are big.. but not 2big and are great for early 80"s decks.(skull and sword,cab2,stedham) crossbones which are good multipurpose wheels that are light and kick ass on all terrains. good for decks like the (underhill,vallely,chinese dragon) then the ratbones 2 are much smaller.. good for decks like the (ragdoll, death of ragdoll,hipster,stencil) i dunno.... makes sense to me.
  • im glad u guys can still skate colored powell wheels im stuck with black haha i think some red bones wheels would be banging and some lime green ones but not in this lifetime
  • Yeah lime green Bones SPF's would rock so much. I would buy 10 sets just to make sure I had them forever!
  • Yes, Cross Bones please (the circa 1987 model - 60mm or so, not the giant one's from later on). There really is a 5 year historical gap in the Classic lineup between the Rat Bones and the G Bones.
  • "There really is a 5 year historical gap in the Classic lineup between the Rat Bones and the G Bones"

    glad i not the only one that noticed =)
  • they are on the request list but as the art department manager said "we cant always produce everything everyone wants at once"
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    yeah we know....... we just make sure they know were here, and that we "WANT". =) thanx
  • yea the art dept knows and is fully aware of what everyone wants. Skull and Bones forum has a lot of collectors with good ideas too.
  • yep agreed. they do.
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