Fun Shapes

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Who has a fun shape, which one do you have and how do you find it to ride?

They look good but seem to have quite short tails and noses.


  • they are for cruising
  • I have this board. I really only use it to film or cruz around on. It is a bit small for my big feet. I need all the board I can get under me now to help me ride away from stuff!  But it is nice to have the double holes for the trucks on the front. And it is strong with little flex.
  • I think that Powell tried to make everyone happy with the fun shapes.  They are not too wide or too narrow.  They are not too long, or too short.  You have the option of a long or short wheelbase and the shapes are functional.  I have the SLAOM shape.  In my honest opinion you can't beat the K15 concave and it's nice to have the 15 inch wheelbase for us older guys.  I have mine set up with indys and oval dragons. I use it mostly to cruise around the neighborhood, doing slappies, ollies, bonelesses, shove its, curb slides and it's great for that.  I don't think these shapes would be good for park since the tail is sorta short.  If it were up to me I would have made them 32" long and at least 8.75" wide.  I like it because it's got some shape and therefore isn't boring like a popsicle.
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