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Is the width of SPF wheels the contact path width or the width from outer wall of the wheel to inner wall of the wheel?


  • Let me explain why I am asking. I have a deck that is 8.25 wide and am riding 139's. The 54mm SPF's I have are to narrow and sit to far under the edge. The 56mm are to wide for the hanger of the 139's. The 54mm DTF's I have sit perfect. Any suggestions on a SPF wheel or othe SOC wheel that is the same shape and size of the 54mm DTF?
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    our width specs are based on edge to edge measurements and not the track of the wheel. we have the SPF Customs that are a 54x34 which would be the closest size wise to what your looking for
  • Thanks SOC. I thought it was edge to edge. The prior model SPF 54mm with the pool image on it, is it 34mm wide? This is the wheel I am currently riding on it. I skated it today and it was not as bad as I thought it would be though with the 54's so I guess I just need to suck it up and get used to it!
  • yea your right, those are the same with a different graphic. i like the wider spf wheels too because theres nothing like flying around bowls and pools as fast as you can with out loosing grip.
  • Yeah switched to the 56mm this afternoon for a sesh and it was better than the 54mm for that size deck and wheelbase. And the wider path is so much better for pools and bowls!
  • Ok new question: On Bones Wheel site it says the new model SPF 54 and 55mm wheels are 34mm wide and have the mini rat shape. My question is Are the Mini Rat shape and the shape of the last model, the one with the pic of the pool on the side, the same or is the mini rat a new shape for this wheel. I see the measurements are the same so how about about the shape?
  • Any answers?
  • Thanks Man. Also I just placed an order and entered the coupon code I got with my last order. However it does not show the discount on my recipt. Is this done after the order is confirmed?
  • those wheels are the same. i just checked with the BONES wheels tm.

    if your discount is not showing then you probably wont receive it unless we do it for you. if you want me to apply that discount just email me at the discount code you were trying to use and the name on your order. ill take care of it first thing in the morning. thanks noskool
  • Sending you an email now Jesse. Thanks for your help on the wheel shape.
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