Frankie Hill ear deck - full size

Anyone here happen to have one of the full size Hill ear decks setup where you could tell me the wheel base? Or just happen to know what the wheelbase is, for $59 I'm thinking about setting one up.




  • I cant tell you the size off hand, but thats the very same deck & colour im currently riding myself.

    Its one of the better boards Ive ever ridden. Its almost criminal the price these are still out there at..
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    I have one.
    Perfect shape!
    This is the full size Hill ear. It has dual wheelbases. 14" and 14.6".
    In 1992 street wheelbases went from 13.75"-14.5". Once the flips tricks and rotational varial/shuvit tricks got popular all wheelbases went down. I skated then and this deck has been like standing on an old friend, I skate the 14' wheelbase, and that also makes the nose bigger and easier to use as well. On street, on ramp and in bowls. It's quick and it's really fun! Found it for $40+shipping! The concave is very very mellow, but the shape overall and the wheelbase works perfect. 
    I'm only 5'9" 150lbs which is less than I was then, and for me it skates better than most decks I've had the last few years. If one was say a bigger chap than I'dd say it might feel a little small, or short. But it's quick!
    It's also built alot stronger than the new decks and has squarer rails. Get one while ya still can. Have fun! : )
    (ps - the mini's are shorter, and I believe only have a single wheelbase drilling, I see most of them in purple, but purple full size ones do exist, enjoy!)
  • Awesome... thanks for the heads up guys. I've been wanting to set one of these up for a while now and I just needed a few people to tell me that this deck is functional and fun. Think I might just grab two of them.
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