Photographers from tours?

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Is there a way to figure out who did photos on tours? Im looking for pics of Hawk riding a certain board from the 1989 Bones Brigade tour. Im looking for a better picture of this photo and others from this time. Anyone have any connections with possible Powell photographers?

How do i post a pic? I used to just copy and paste the IMG link from photobucket.


  • Click on the 'insert image' icon (7th icon from the right) & insert the link.
    No need for the IMG tags
  • Zowenso's pic

  • Thanks, Dr. So this pic above was pulled off this site several yeras ago when they had a photo archive up. Its a lousy copy as you can see. Im trying to get a better copy of it and maybe others from that tour on that complete. Does anyone here have contact info for someone at Powell that may be able to put me in contact with some OG photographers? Id love to buy some prints if possible. Thanks.
  • I was going to ask where the pic was from, figuring a late 80s pic in a .com ad.  I remember the old ad archive, you could search by rider and decade.  Wish they would bring that back.
  • Yea the archive was good. It was trashed when the site became what it is now.

  • gonna just have to email customer service or email george or hit up the pp facebook group
  • I don't have a Facebook but asked a friend to ask. Do you have a link for the best pp face book page? Is George hard to contact?
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    well they only got one official fb page lol but george made a group for it as well and here is the official fb page
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