New McGill / Ripper / Hot Rod Decks!

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I like 3 of the 4 decks. The only reason I would pass on the Ray Bones deck is the width. Check it out.


  • Finally a snakeskin McGill, ....sorta. The hot rod flames graphic needs to be retired.
  • I just noticed the note at the bottom of the ad. It says that McGill designed the shape and it is what he rides everyday. Cool!
  • Hell yea. Depending on the Concave, that McGill might be my next daily. I like the Size of the skull and sword too.
  • I agree on the hotrod flames .. I actually don't like flames on anything but that's just me. The McGill and ripper are a go though. I'd love to take my jigsaw and router to that ripper and give it some curves and with that in mind I probably will.
  • Like the McGill and Ray Bones boards. Wish the Ripper had a little more nose on it. The Hot Rod Flames is too big for me but happy with these for a start!

    I just hope with the McGill they manage to produce the graphics so the snakeskin actually stands out like the old school version did. The attempts they made 10 years ago but the snakeskin was barely visible - kind of like the Ray Bones popsicle with the background skeleton.
  • I'm stoked on the McGill and the Ray Bones boards! I wonder if Cab will release his rider as well?
  • but flames make u go faster
  • The snakeskin is sick, hope they make one on a deck with more shape
  • doesnt look like the shape he rides
  • Would like to see the eyes in the skull for the McGill too, looks far better that way.
  • wow!

    These things are nice.. they are getting close to what the punters want.
  • Doc, what does that mean, "punters"?  I guess it's a West Coast thing, I've heard it before but never quite understood what it meant.  I remember James Hetfield saying Jason Newstead had a "punter vibe" to him, and I've heard others use it before.  
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    it means customer it's actually british slang
  • Slang meaning is People.
    Its proper meaning is a replacement for the word Bet (gambling)

    You would say it like this.
    "gonna have a punt on that horse in race 6 today"

    Flippers would say "im gonna take a punt & buy 5 pig McGills, see if if can make any dough outa it"

  • Ok, thanks.  I guess I'm still at a loss to what Hetfield meant, but at least I can put it in context.  lol

  • Hetfield is from Metallica lol :p
  • wonder what the wheelbase on that mcgill is...?
  • Ppk187, it's a funshape so I would guess you have the option of 14.25 or 15.
  • Anyone know what size indy's McGill uses on that deck? If 159s fit I'll get one. Unfortunately all powell decks are smaller than advertised since they measure from the bottom.
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    Considering McGills is listed at 32.38 long I would guess 14.5- 15.25 wb. The other fun shapes are listed at 31.5 long.
  • Nice. Excited to see the new cab deck too, nice to finally feel like I have some options
  • That McGill and Ripper are sick!!! Can't wait to order them.
  • Anyone got any inside info on when these are going to hit the market?
  • well it says soon so probably a few weeks
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