My Animal Chin Homebrew Deck



  • Guess you have to join the group to see the picture. Anyway man whats the wheelbase on that Frankie Hill van gogh deck you have.
  • I think it was 14 1/2". I gave it to a little skate rat. It was a bit too small for my taste. Nice shape though. Damn, sorry about that. I thought I posted it public.

  • The link is for a Lance Mountain group.
  • I put the pic up on my FB wall. The new link should work. Sorry, I am kinda internet challenged.

  • There it is, looks nice!
  • It is about 9 1/2" x 32. I have it setup with Indy 169's and 85A Ratbones now. Planning on using it as my " knee rehab deck."
  • I like the shape and color. What type of paint process did you go through? The paint finish looks awesome.
  • That's awesome .. So glad skatepaige makes this possible. Been meaning to email this guy who does Modeskateboards that I ran into on insta, he does the complete deal on his decks.. Silkscreened and all. Seen him mention pennswood in a post and I'd love to get some of their wood for some home brews
  • I used some leftover nitro lacquer Surf Green I got from Guitar Re  Ranch in Texas ( I also build guitars on occasion ). Just sanded the deck with 220, 400 then primed it with white lacquer. Waited 24 hours and then painted it Surf Green. Waited another 24 hours and sprayed the lacquer clear coat over the top. Let them sit for a week to cure. Then made the pics from my color inkjet printer. Stuck them to the top of the deck with 3M spray adhsive. Then just gripped them with clear and I am ready to roll. I have had a lot of spare time on my hands since I blew up my ACL. ;)

  • super gnarly
  • I was wondering how did you made it look so nice, then you drop the I build guitars line & am now wondering, whens the next creation coming!
  • Great job..doesnt look home made at all
  • I have a LM deck I just finished. I will post a pic of it. I also did a couple of " collage " bottom decks out of a crapload of pictures I had downloaded, printed and lacquered but never used. The only thing wrong with the Chin Deck was I set the rails old school without taking the concave into consideration. I had to move them in a bit for proper sliding.
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    I was inspired to shape the pictograph Hawk from an earlier forum post. It's an awesome street deck!
  • Nice! I have taken a few decks that I did not " bond " with the shape and cut them down to my taste. The Hawk looks cool. Kinda a Lucero / Grosso style.
  • Awesome. What are the new dimensions?
  • i bought the deck based on a good suggestion from an earlier post to buy a hawk from old school skates rather than buying a blank. oz has the dimensions listed as 9.25 by 32.00 but i'm playing trains in the sydney/illawarra area at the moment so i can't give all dimensions until i get back home in newy. the tail is based on a cab chinese dragon, and the sides on a hill ear mini, and the nose i just fudged. after i cut, filed and sanded it didn't look like any of the original lines.
  • The hawk pictograph has double holes for front and rear trucks and i chose the largest wheel base being 15.125. other measurements pp style i.e. from the bottom are as follows, length 33, nose length 6.5, tail length 6.5, max width 9.5, width nose front 4, width front truck 9, min width at rear truck 8.375, width tail 8.625. p.s. on an unrelated matter i've got local news footage on video cassette of the bb when they came to newcastle in 89 on that tour of theirs. i'll upload when i can
  • That's a sweet shape.

  • thanks for the positive comments mudslingerskates, fister72, chris and castpolymer. i'd like to be more creative like castpolymer(an inspiration) but have little time or energy due to work and family commitments. i'd like to see a bottlenosed pictograph hawk similar to the krooked one but obviously pp. maybe a project for someone?
  • I had one of those back in the late 90s, it felt way too big at that time. I never thought of cutting it down. I bought some uncut blanks a few months ago and made a concave lmfp shape. I like your idea, I think I might try that next.
  • Has anyone besides Muddy been crafty with their wood lately? How's your freestyler going Jb?
  • Awesome work Wake!
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    My project is on hold, @WakeInFright. Just too busy right now. How am I just now seeing that Animal Chin deck?? That is so freaking rad @Castpolymer!
  • I thought I would do a Muddy and have a dig through the vaults. History is valid. Thanks Sharko
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