Grosso, New SC Toybox Deck and the F***'n Collector Nerds!


  • The old shape would have been better (for my liking anyways)
  • Figured I would pass this on for anyone interested in this deck for the original price.

    photo Screenshot_2014-07-23-16-54-15_zpsm0ywyabr.png
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    There are a few of these in pink & black floating on ebay atm. Not over priced either.
    Ive seen the odd one on SnB as well for sale.
  • I saw some of these in santa cruz for 89.00 yesterday. black and pink ones.
  • I got a black one about a month ago for just about retail plus the shipping. I have been skating it for weeks. Great shape ( nearly the same as the Anti - Hero pool shape Grosso is currently skating ).
  • They have some new Grossos coming out. Does anyone know the original length of the old school decks? These reissues are listed as: 32.7 in. I don't know what the wheel base is though..
  • I'll pass on the lousy made in China SC reissue boards. The paint and transfers are terrible and the wood looses its pop quick.
  • I can withstand the paint & transfers, its the soft china wood I cannot

  • Dr Freedom, I hear there are pills you can take for that.

  • haha not gonna matter much if it isnt even a inch long
  • Confucious say, 'One inch punch can floor a man. so to can six inch punch. man who is capable of one and six inch is quite the versatile man, and very accommodating. be like water my friend!'
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