new sick ripper


  • Looks good, but if it's just the same 170 K15 I'll pass. I don't think the K15 concave works well on a deck with that small a wheelbase. I have one that I stopped skating just because of a dislike of the excessive flat area between the bolts and the actual curve of the nose/tail. It's a bit sad to have a deck with plenty of life left in it just sitting there. I have a 181 K15 and think it is great. I have a 127, which has the same wheelbase as the 170 but on the k12 and love it. I saw on a facebook post sometime last month that they are working on a new shape for the 170 and am looking forward to it. Until then...
  • well they got 170 with kill concave
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    I don't think they have made a Ki11 concave deck in quite a while. It is not listed as a current on their site, although it sounds like more what I would be interested in - or the 152 shape that I missed out on those years I wasn't skating.
  • That is the coolest Ripper color way I have ever seen. Wish it was on the 8.5 too.
  • yea definitely the most badass one they have done next to the blue/neon green one
  • Will there be more of these Bill?
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