Bones Hardcore Barrel Bushings

I'd love to try a Bones Hardcore Barrel Bushing.

any chance these are in the works?


  • Bones Hardcore Barrel Bushing? whats that?
  • it's a bushing for barrels so they can be transported safely...
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    HA! =) LOL!!!!!!!
  • the shape of the bottom bushing is what I'm talking about.
    Khiro calls them barrel bushings. kind of like a stock Indy bushing.
    Bones Hardcore urethane in that shape would be perfect. jus' sayin.
  • do they work better than our bushings? i have never tired them.
  • they work better for tighter truck riders. They also don't "tip" as much as cone shaped bottom bushings do on ollies and manuals, but if you like to turn and carve, Bones Rules!!!
  • I think the idea of non-insert bones bushings (in the current cone shape or the older barrel shape) is interesting. What is the advantage of the insert vs the washer cups? After about a year of use my inserts look like they pushing into the urethane a bit.
  • no Soc, the Khiros do not work better than your bushings.
    the Bones urethane is so much better, but Khiro offers much more variety in shape and size.

    and Noskool, I like to turn and I am definitely not a tight truck rider. but I'm a bigger fella, maybe thats why I like the barrel shape more.
  • good to know. ill mention it to the bones crew here
  • I got a friend Bob who is about 6ft 3 and 260lbs and he can't ride Bones either so yeah I know what you saying!
  • are you riding the "hard" versions of our bushings?
  • yeah, I've tried the hards and the mediums.
    both feel great in Indys. especially 139s.

    though, I'm on some ACE trucks at the moment and I love them, but with the bones bushings in there it just feels like there isn't enough rubber.

    I see that you guys are doing bushings for Destructo's new truck. they(bushings) look quite interesting, whats the story on those?
  • Bob I had the same problem with my ACE's. I ended up having to use Doh Doh's (part of the reason I went back to Indy's so I could rock Bones) so it would feel right.
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