New Cab Deck Is Up!

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It appears to the the updated Hot Rod design. I will be buying one for sure.


  • I love the shape, but it's a little short for me in length and tail. It's only 31.9 long and the tail is 6.3. I like a tail that is closer to 7 and Deck length at least 32.5. I do like the 15.25 wheelbase. I know they can't please everyone.
  • Looks rad!  My usual ride is also 32.5 long, but I wouldn't get worried about the shortness.  I'm riding a Big Mess Montasi that is 31.75" in length, and it's a winner. It's all in the pressing mold. I'm hoping that Powell did this one right (I'm trusting they did). 
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    This deck is just too cool, I have to get one. I know Cab uses 149s on his deck, but I use 159s and hope they would fit and not stick out. Anyone know?

    I wish they would do two color ways. That way I could have a street setup with 90a wheels and a park setup with SPFs.
  • I don't think 159s would be a problem.  I would avoid a wider wheel, though. 

  • If it is about the size of the Tree Trimmer, 149's are going to fit.
  • I'm considering this one but don't want to buy another set of trucks. Think 179's would be too gnarly?
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    It's slightly different than the Hot Rod was.
    The Hot Rod was 9.265" and had a 15.5" WB, this is 9" and 15.25".

    It's the Hot Rod, but re-tweaked. 
    Don't forget to take into consideration Cab is a smaller shorter fella than most of you, so it makes sense why they re-tweaked it's original dimensions overall.

    I like it but I tend to not like K15 concave. I'm still waiting for the K19 concave. 
    I've said too much. =) shhhhh...
  • Spill some beans Johnny!
  • Spill. Don't tease us.
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    I tried a custom dragon griptape job on my cab...turned out ok

  • I think it looks cool.
  • Yeah its grown on me, I was hoping for all the colors to fit flush but still pretty good attempt. I'm always trying to come up with new custom grip designs
  • That must have taken some time to do.
  • I did it progressively over the space of about 4 nights..probably 3-4 hours worth
  • This was out of stock for the last few days, now back up.
    It is too much to say that everyone ideally would like one of these, vert/ pool riders, collectors & Cab fans in general?
  • I want one, but if want to get it with the new Cab PF wheels when they get released.
  • Shops around here suck... nobody seems to carry dick in the way of P/P... Called around and no one had one. Ordering decks on line has always kinda bummed me out, cause you don't really know how it's gonna be until you lay your eyes and feet on it..
  • Youve never complained about the blow up dolls you order.. why worry now
  • Hahaha... true
  • I hear ya ppk187.. finding what your looking for in a brick and mortar shop is difficult if its not the big trend. I'm sure if you were looking for a welcome deck you would have had no issues finding one of those. Having owned a shop a few years back I can attest to the fact that pushing wood for a living is a pain in the ass. The margins on decks is shit even if they do sell, and you wind up putting the rest on sale just to move them for new wood... endless struggle. Like many shops I made more on blank and price point decks.. sad truth. 

  • Mudslingerskates hit it on the head. Our local shop has a full line of Welcome decks, but not a single PP. I don't even special order from them because I can get it for 10% less from SoCal shipped and it comes in faster. Sad but true.
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    The larger the brand, the smaller the margins.
    The larger the margin, the greater the possibility that it was made in China.
    Sum tin wong wit te sistim
  • Found one! Gettin it set up tonight. I'm stoked it looks pretty rad, though the true test will be skating it.. Pretty stoked
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