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So I'm experiencing a problem with what I think is my trucks, and am wondering if anyone else has some input. One wheel on both trucks binds up, kinda like slip axle.... But it seems different. The usual bang the axle against the curb routine doesn't fix it and I've measured the axles and they're both equal off the hanger. I did notice the bearing seemed backed out too, bad wheel mold maybe?? Only thing that works is to back off the nut a bit, which is annoying, especially when I'm out and don't have a tool in my pocket. I use speed washers and bearing spacers so I don't know....


  • I've had that happen quite often on my 159s. I think it's from doing a lot of slash and smith style grinds where all the weight is on one wheel. I usually just loosen the axle nut and wiggle the bearing/wheel loose.
  • Sometimes the bearing slips out of the seat. Try pushing in on both wheels at the same time to re-press the bearings.
  • and take a look at the axle
  • The axle looked ok, I'll check it out again tonight... Could be from all the powerslides I do through the neighborhood, but it does it riding my ramp sometimes too.... It's weird, never have bad this problem in all my years riding
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