Future of re-issues?

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Are the reissue 80s decks limited 1 time only? I purchased a Steve Cab Chinese Dragon deck that I want to skate, but I'm scared I'll never get another 80s type deck in the future if it's wrecked, also should I put a tail guard on it to protect it? People told me tail guards make ollieing difficult and dropping in bad as well


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    ok.... il try and sum this as brief as i can. not all re-issues are limited. hopefuly the chinese dragon will stick around for a while but you never know for sure... like i always say. you see something on here you like buy 2. you may never see it again. and i dont think tailbones affect ollies or droping in. i skate a vallely re-issue in pools with a tailbone and has no negitive affects.ollies? rodney mullen didnt seem to have a problem with ollies using a tailbone...... looks pretty high to me =)
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    the reissues are going to be around for a while. all the decks are limited in color ways and sometimes shapes. about twice a year we will change the colors and possibly add new decks or take ones away. the chinese dragon just came out this last catalog so its really possible it will be around for another go around.

    tail guards are basically personal preference and can be used to keep your tail from deteriorating. as for ollies, i feel they really dont make it difficult.
  • I'd love to buy 2 but a college student living off parents (occasionally working odd jobs and selling stuff online) 2 decks at same time kinda hard, plus I have a girlfriend haha.

    I just hope I can drop in nice and easy with a tail guard
  • i drop in on a 6ft pool almost every sunday with a tailbone on my vallely . if i can do it ....u can =)
  • good to hear and comforting =), gonna put together my deck next week, waiting on some ratnuts to attach a pair of vision rails
  • Ask santa for another so you have a board to ride. Not skating is a crime, and skate the hell out of that thing. Have fun, that's what it's for.

    Or make your gal get you one for Christmas.
  • yep. agreed =0
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