some of u had to have seen these vids somewhere over the weekend but in case u havent.....


  • It's a fucked up thing to do, especially the way he did it. Just booting the kid off the big pipe and turning to go down the stairs so quickly he doesn't even see if the kid got hurt. I "get" what he was trying to do, but so many ways he did it wrong. Kids need to learn how to fall, but kicking him off a big pipe is not the way to do it. Dropping in is scary enough at first, especially that young and that big of a ramp.
  • Lol!! Bad Gotta learn some way or another..
  • yea in a way but there is a limit
  • I'm pretty sure that was meant to be a joke. Looks like Buckey Lasek's backyard pool. Looked like him falling in too.
  • I just saw the original clip that they are jokingly re-creating. I agree you don't do that. His dad should be dropping in and showing him how to ride it out, but he probably never knew how either. Dad was a poser.
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    I seen the og clip on S&B & imo, that parent is fckwit of the year. He's the one who needs a booting..
  • What a fucktard! That kid landed like 2 feet from the flat.
  • yea tons of news outlets picked it up
  • they just showed it on my local news and i recorded it
  • I like it how the skatepark gave his name to the police, whom are now looking into him.

    10 bux says they find more than one bong under his kitchen sink.
  • This story went viral for sure, even my wife asked me if I had seen the video. Hits kinda close to home as well since this took place at Kona skatepark in Jacksonville, grew up skating and still skate that park whenever I get the chance.

    I have a three year old boy who is learning how to skate and doing pretty damn good rolling around and handling some transition. You can bet your ass that when he is ready to drop in on something I will be right next to him with a board under my feet giving him some confidence. 
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