Some Of The Best Skating I Have Seen In Years ( with Blender sighting ).


  • that was too much gnarliness
  • That is rad. Mullen on film too! He hasn't filmed anything in a long time. I do wish these new videos weren't so ADD in the way they are edited.
  • Everyone but McGill...

  • McGill may still be taking it easy from that massive concussion he got at Bondi.
  • WTF?  Why can't I see this?
  • Oh damn, that was awesome!!! It even made me forget about my damn fever & body aches..... skating for the soul..
  • Possibly one of thee best skating clips Ive ever enjoyed. Simply awesome..

  • Dammit!
  • @Chris check your location bar and make sure you are not accessing the site through ssl. The url for this page should start with http:// not https:// then the video should work. Or click here
  • Like a fine Whiskey(I'm not a wine drinker!) these guys are getting better with age...

  • Thank you Jesse, for some reason I could see it when I clicked your link.  

    Awesome video, that was really cool to see.  Something just makes me happy, seeing some of the guys together.  I guess I look at the boys the same way I do about different bands.  Sure, I have their old music and videos, but it just makes me happy knowing they still like each other and like spending time with one another.  Even the BB doc, it was separate interviews.  Watching the guys skate together is just awesome.  I could watch Hawk, Cab, and Mountain skate with one another for hours...even if I've seen most of the tricks already.  Then you throw Mullen in there and my geek-o-meter goes haywire.

    Best part to me, Hawk and Lance in Lance's pool doubling with Lance jumping the ladder, then the two of them embracing.  Sure that sounds a little "man-rotic", but I want to know that those guys genuinely like each other. 
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