Measuring Decks-Cab Propeller-V5 STF

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Powell must have changed the way they measure decks.  I just got the new Cab propeller deck and measuring it underneath like Powell normally measures it comes out to 32.5", the tail and nose are both 6.5".  If you measure the top of the deck straight across, point to point without following the concave it is 31.9" long and the tail and nose are 6.25".  The deck is awesome, the square tail and overall shape is perfect and as I age as a skater (40+) I really needed the 15.25" wheelbase.  I set it up with Indy 149's which fit it perfectly due to the tapering at the tail.  I am currently riding Bones STF V5 55mm wheels.  The V5 STF's don't slide out like the other STF's when pumping and carving.


  • Interesting. I think I'm gonna get one myself. Gonna try my 169's on it...
  • yea i think they just round off the sizes
  • How far back from the start of the nose up turn are the front mounting holes ?
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    Mathematically, a proper measurement would be to follow the concave.
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