Hosoi Pops Art

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Check out the new Hosoi Pops Art deck, 10x32.5 with same graphic from 80's. Looks awesome and has great dimensions.




  • Looks kinda like Vision art from back in the 80's. Nice shape.
  • Hosoi just recently changed wood shops from psstix to select distribution, so in a sense it is now vision art... Well art being printed in the vision factory.
  • Recently got a white and red hammerhead. Cheapest wood ever.
  • It's not Vision art. It's the same graphic from when he rode for Santa Cruz in like 87/88.
  • select actually has good wood and it is usa made
  • They don't last for me. Broke two Visions and a Sims. I have others that are warped from leaning against the wall and an Aggressor that is cut uneven on one side.
  • maybe they were defects
  • Hes had decks made by just about all of the companies out there.
    Ill be on one of these fo sho.
  • What I find strange about Hosoi switching from Psstix to select is that only 2 months ago there were a few pics of Christian and Eddie e having their pic with their new shapes Schmidt had made for them and Schmidt was in the pic as well. Is it possible christian and Eddie ride psstix boards but have their product for the public made else where for cost savings?
  • I reckon your onto something with that. To me its a flooded market (too many companies v's how many people regularly buy a deck) & considering savings are upmost all the time in every accountants minds, its plausable.
  • That was the first thing that came to my mind when started seeing these hosoi decks coming from select... I said to myself didn't I just see a pic of hosoi, Eddie and Schmitt talking about fine tuning some boards. I'm gonna second doc and say I think your onto something Paul.
  • I think psstix makes his Cadillac and other modern shapes like Eddies and the Popsicles. Select makes all the reissues, Pop Art, Hammerhead OG, Hammerhead Doublekick, etc..
  • I'd say yes to that but I saw a pic of heavymetalchuck riding a white cadillac shaped deck on his insta page.... pretty sure it was with the classic hammerhead graphic on it too. Chuck works for select from what I can tell cause he is always posting decks that have just been printed. I could be completely wrong though .. who knows
  • If you go to selects site you will see they make the current caddy shapes, not just reissues. In a pic of the masters podium at vans last week I noticed Christian had the caddy Schmitt makes for Him, not the one select makes. The difference is ps stix puts front wheel wells on his board and I'm pretty sure the select caddys don't. That is lame if that is what he is doing.
  • im pretty sure switchboard inc or whatever it is does the hosoi boards
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    Dont forget though that the decks you see the old heads riding in comps are custom jobs & wont necessarily come off the same production line as the mass produced chinese version.
  • that is right there is a difference between a market board and a team rider board
  • I know the pros ride custom shapes, fine with that. Seems a bit fishy that they would have their boards made by a manufacturer with a decent rep and the market boards made by a manufacturer who makes some average product. I don't care if that is done by many companies, I think it is lame.
  • I understand your point, there is a logical reason as to why you would do that in todays expensive world.
    To me its just an internal kinda thing whereby say Cabs in the factory, he gets the wood presser to slap something together, they size & shape it then off he goes into the world of comps & skating in general.
    Along comes the company accountant, he or she then says we need to produce that deck you just made for him & it then makes more financial sense to produce it in either Mexico or China or where ever its done the cheapest.

  • and then when it breaks within a month from just going off the curb all hell breaks loose because of the shortcut on manufacturing
  • Right on Bill. To me it shows a lack of respect for the customer. The last time I checked customer is still king - it is awfully tough operating a company when there is no demand for your product. If a board is good for them it should be good for the customer - those that make it possible to have a career in this industry.
  • yep that is what i base my products on if it isnt something high quality or fast then there is no way im gonna skate it so thus it isnt good for my customers
  • What your both saying is understandable, however, if you want the same deck that he is getting custom shaped from the same platform by the same people, then be prepared to pay a little extra.
    The issue is that todays world is much more frugal than it was in the past (GFC, manufacturing moving offshore etc) & whilst you may have a few people who are prepared to pay a little bit more for something thats homegrown, most are not.
    Those who are not dominate any market you can think of.
    They usually end up on some shitty element, chinese produced deck, snap it & buy another shitty element chinese deck.

    This may sound silly, however it makes more financial sense in many cases to produce in china & any replacements done under warranty, still works out to be cheaper than if it was done at home.
  • ur right about it however there is no reason to take shortcuts because eventually those ppl are gonna get tired of stuff breaking so fast and gonna spend their money on a different product so might as well do it right the first time
  • Most don't care... Make money while you can and get out..
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