World industries no new decks coming out

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Called world industries no new decks doesn't sound good


  • well they cut their team months ago
  • Gosh, whatever will I do? ;)

  • yea no one cares about world anymore
  • unless its nos & cheap

    nos & cheap world industries doesnt really go together though does it
  • I will say their screened reissues were very very nice - Way, Vallely, Mariano, Turner, Brenes, etc.
  • Very true and not way over priced
  • I don't think those reissues where screened.  I have the Dune Looney Tunes monster reissue that I bought a year ago, but have ridden sparingly, and they are rally good quality, pretty sure they were PS Stix.
  • Some were available screened. My Vallely, Way, and Mariano for sure came in screened or transfer options.
  • Barnyard was heat transfer only the way and mariano were screened but they were made by blind the ones I have
  • You're right, I was thinking Blind.
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