Cab Dragon 90a wheels

edited May 2014 in Powell-Peralta®
The other day there was an image of some new Cab Dragon 90a wheels listed under new products. They looked rad, new graphic and 60mm size. Did anyone happen to see them and snap a picture? Hopefully the new catalog will be out soon and we can see all the new deck shapes, wheels, reissues, etc...


  • image i know u said 90a but these are the only new cab wheels that have been shown lately
  • Those are the PF wheels, but the ones I saw had the OG dragon on them and were 90a 60mm. The background graphic was blue and the dragon was yellow. They looked rad!
  • well i dont know
  • Bill, haven't seen these in person...they look like the old 60mm Rat Bones 2 mold. 
  • kind of a waste of graphic to me
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