Keeping it real... real funny

Good to see and I've always been stoked on the humor skatemental puts into the products they push. Pretty funny stuff with the OJ wheels also, not that I'm looking to ride 42mm wheels any time soon but the marketing side is definitely clever. Roger does a pretty good job of NOT taking this skateboarding thing too serious either. 



  • yea there is a new deathwish board with a skull and sword parody it looks pretty good
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    Yep do remember seeing that one and the DGK deck, someone here has brought that one up in a topic as well. I would like to someone get brave and put some shape to some of these decks, maybe Tired will do something down the road since they are coming out of the same camp as skatemental. 

  • i wish powell would make me a special run of blue skull and sword decks
  • Those wheels make me cringe. Bullet 38 Specials back in 92 are why my knee got destroyed. Hyperextended it a week before I got married. It was probably GOD telling me not to marry that bitch. I should have listened. I pretty much tore everything but the skin.
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    Heres a few more powell type spoofs I found, not sure how available they are though cause a little searching here and there didn't produce a lot of results.


    Here's the best looking one yet, but must have been some small company with limited run's back in 2011. I know that Primitive Skateboards is P-Rod's company at this point, honestly small company or not this graphic looks way better then the crap he's putting on his current lineup. 


  • the ronnie creager deck is from about 3 years ago and the reynolds deck is more recent
  • image here is a board my local skatepark did
  • Ahh Maryland blue crabs, miss em. Without googling it.. Charmcity is an indoor park right? Seems like some years back the dude that owned it had created some kind of skatenetwork online, best I can recall. I spent a few years up that way 10-15 years back so I tried to stay up on that scene for awhile.
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    yea and unfortunately the main website wanted ppl to start paying so everyone stopped and then we tried to run a blog and it recently stopped working dont know why though gotta ask him about that i was never a fan of the stencil font on it
  • haha ... the boobs, never saw that one. whats that hat that someone does, BEER or BEERS... I think its by Huf

  • Damn bill that welinder skull got me thinking about those 2010 reissues, I've been searching on and off about them all day. Like many others wish I could have got in on one of the blue ones before they were gone. I sold a boneite one, the ones without the bumps a few years back and I've always wanted one with the later shape.
  • Thanks doc .. If only I had $300 to burn right now. 

    Here is another Powell ripoff\oneoff deck that I found. Check these guys out if you haven't already... ... they have some good shapes and some cool art to go with it.


  • I seen another spoof last night. I think it was Vern with the ripper?
  • love the bouncing souls and yea it is on the surprise skateboards site
  • I was sleeping on that vern deck.... good one

  • A few spoofs from Perfect Skateboards
    photo perfectripoff_zpsa0u9bsda.jpg
  • damn id rock the shit out of that hawk deck
  • Just goes to show that deck can be replicated..whats the dimensions I want one
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    The 3 decks above are from a series they did back in 2011... from what I'm reading they only did 50 of the Hawk decks. They do have a current ripper available on the site in blue with all the typical pop sizes.

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    Mcsqueeb - Steadham - Riley weed spoof

    photo large_47202_BakerSkateboardsDeckHAWK_SKULL_zpsh97m9i93.jpg
  • oh yea that dude tyrone olson owns perfect skateboards
  • Yep.. Actually saw that Guerrero spoof on markovichs wall in a insta pic. Had a pair of Osiris Tyrone Olson shoes back in 98.. Only other dude to have a stash pocket in his shoe besides muska.
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