Casket Fun Shape

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Looks like a cool board, nice dimensions. I am intrigued to know that the new K21 concave is.


  • The info they posted on facebook says that the K21 is a mellower concave with thiner plys to make the deck lighter.  

    I actually like the thicker plys and a good stiff deck with the steep K15.
  • Yeah I like it too. What is your fav K15 deck?
  • Cab propeller for me
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    With some 159's and 97a oj ii team riders..
  • Paul, I am currently riding the maroon ban this with Indy 159s, 58mm skull and sword wheels. Best all around deck setup. The 90a wheels are great on everything. The 14.75 wheelbase is great for street and still stable in a bowl. What about you?
  • The only K15 I have ridden is the Skull and Sword (8.75). I like the 15" wheel base and overall length.

    I have been thinking about trying one of the Ban This boards. They look pretty sweet and I was thinking of just redrilling the nose to make the wheelbase 15" and the nose closer to 6". Was thinking about trying the wheels (90a) you have started using too, was curious about their speed etc. Your all around setup sounds awesome. I will probably go up to 169s soon though.
  • Gawd this is a weird shape.. I guess it would be quick to get use to tho.
    When are they coming out with that other bones & roses one?
  • Paul, the new skull and sword 90a wheels are obviously slower than SPFs, but at 41 the 58mm 90a are fast enough for me. I have stopped skating transitions that are over 6 ft. I now mostly skate a 6ft. cement bowl and I can pump and carve fast and I have no problem hitting the coping. I got tired of the SPFs slipping out, that never happens with the 90a. These wheels also allow you to skate on the roughest of streets and parking lots. Versatile wheel!
  • I'm really stoked to see this deck, not that I can ride anything right now but this deck is definitely a step outside of the norm for powell and its refreshing to see them do that. It's like a combination of two really good shipyard decks.... the Nose of the Crescini and the tail of the Hallows eve decks.


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    Just figured I'd share this .. I stumbled accross a dude named billy_bakker on insta and he evidently does R&D for Powell. Has a lot of interesting deck shapes and sizes that he's working on. He did R&D on this casket deck a year ago.. That's how long it took them to finally release it.
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