Make This Cab!

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Here we have the new Cab Stencil with the Dragon and Bats Graphic on it. I will be honest I do not like the Stecil Graphic but I love the shape of the board. If you were to make this I would skate the hell out of it!



  • I agree!!!! PLEASE MAKE THIS BOARD!!!!
  • This board has to be made!! I don't care what colourway, but l'd love green though!
  • thats pretty f"n rad.
  • To be honest guys I don't really like the stencil graphic, but it is growing on me, but I am kind of over the Dragon & Bats too. I like the full dragon, but think this shape would be soooo sick with the Cab I & II Dragon (especially if it had the bearing under it). Just my thoughts, but yeah I like the shape of this deck.
  • I think this shape with the dragon and bats art (as seen in the above pic) is absolutly sick, and I would love to skate it.
  • I would take this board with pretty much any of his vintage Dragon Graphics on it, The first dragon (with or without bearing), the Chinese, hell even the Mechanical Dragon I would take. The Stencil is just UGLY. This just shows how good that shape could look. (BTW I love that board as pictured, it would even give me a reason to finally buy some of those orange thin ribs)
  • ill pass on the request. thanks
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