too sexy for you! *spoiler alert*

image supposedly coming out in august according to this skateshop in the u.k. on facebook


  • Oh for fucks sake where's the buy it now button
  • Looks like Powell will be getting some more money from me this August. I really hope they release these in a number that allows all those that want one to get one and not have to pay triple the amount on ebay.
  • Where is the Summer catalog?
  • Love the color of the Barbee, not so much that green though.
  • Damn!! Well I guess me saving money just went out the window if this does happen.. Thanks Bill for the heads up brotha!
  • I really wanted a pig barbee tho ;)
  • Siiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!!!!  Would of preferred a pigshape........JUST JOKING GEORGE AND STACEY!!!! DON'T PIG THEM!!! HAHA!!
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    Looks photoshopped
    As usual, Ill believe it when I see the sku loaded.
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    dont think it is photoshopped in the least bit that is too much work to do on photoshop
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    Ill try some different comedy then..
    Pre orders?

    Is the pic you posted the original from the UK site?
    Any PS experts out there care to open the pic & confirm its legit or not?
  • it came from instagram then a skateshop posted it on fb this morning
  • whose insta?
  • dont have the slightest idea
  • k .. which UK shop?
  • big woody's
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    Well that photos does not look like either board there says reissue. The two reissues of the Barbee say REISSUE really large under the doll foot. And the Welinder has REISSUE on the tail. Those look like original decks for way back when. Just a thought.
    And the OG ones, which look like the posted photo:
    But this is just a guess. Would be cool to have another Ray Barbee to ride.
  • Old school truck holes
  • It does appear to be from some sort of catalog though - with the ripper stripe background. Or an ad. And the placement of the Steadham and Hot Rod give you 4 decks from 3 different time periods - so it's not something old.

    Agree on the reissue stamp point - that's visible on decks in the most recent catalog.

    The blue Welinder reissue from a while back did have the money bumps just like this. And they also said they would never do the board again at the time (how many times has Santa Cruz used that line?).

    Could be legit, could be a photoshop...
  • Lets see if he will reply... retweet if you like....

  • Would be nice if the Welinder was in that lime green, not that dark green crap. Looks as bad as those green rails!
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    sounds like a was posted by the bones bearings team manager vern laird on twitter
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    Its a fugazi plain & simple.
    Oh well.. it was a nice thought.

    Too bad Billy.. nice try though lol
    ps: next time you try to do this, leave a trail of some kind that may help your cause  :)
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